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I think the male MC sounds like a jerk if he messes with the female MC and male friend’s relationship. Same for if he tells them to end a friendship, especially after the two had mutually agreed there will be no more ‘benefits’. I can understand him being insecure but when it gets so bad he’s fucking up her relationships to others or being controlling(telling her who she can be friends with), then I’d see why she’s fickle about being with him. And I’d hope she finds someone else instead.


I think the 2nd option sounds the most realistic. Even if the male MC is a nice dude, it’s reasonable that he would get jealous of their relationship if they decide to remain friends. I didn’t want to pick the third option because both MCs sound like terrible people and their relationship seems very toxic. The first relationship also sounds like it could happen, but I didn’t pick that because it would make the female MC seem like she was only settling for the male MC, which would cause him to build up resentment. So even if it isn’t toxic, it has the potential to become toxic.


@CharaLiha @_Ex_It

I see what both of you are saying. There are a lot of things I left out in the explanation (a whole book’s worth of things) because it’s very difficult to simplify the female and male MC’s relationship. I shouldn’t have used the word fickle when referring to the female MC because she knows what she wants (which is the male MC) but she’s hesitant to get with the male MC since there are a lot of external factors keeping them apart. One of those is the fact that he’s her boss. Also, I feel like I should have mentioned that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for her male friend (and he feels the same way about her).

I really don’t want their relationship to come off as toxic, so I think I’ve gotten a healthy combination of everyone’s suggestions so that it works to make all of the main characters as likable as possible.

So basically, I think I’m going to have the male friend get in a relationship and end the friends with benefits relationship with the female MC. They will try to continue to be friends, but it will be difficult due to jealousy from the male MC and the male friend’s partner. Like @CharaLiha said, jealousy is a part of human nature and it is completely understandable that both partners feel that way about their friendship because
they slept together many times. Anyways, then the male friend’s partner is going to prohibit the male friend from continuing his friendship with the female MC. This way, the male MC is more likable because he wasn’t the one who stopped their friendship, but he also doesn’t have to feel jealous anymore.

Let me know if you guys think that’s a good compromise. I’d love to hear any other ideas you have. I really appreciate the help. Thank you!


Jealously is a part of human nature, that’s true. Acting on it by controlling who someone can hang out with is toxic. I can understand why he doesn’t want them to be friends as he’s insecure that she’ll cheat on him but it’s really hard to be with someone like that. As soon as he tells her she needs to end a friendship with someone she’s known and liked(and not even in a romantic way) for a while, he’s too controlling for me to like. He shouldn’t control or pressure her to do things like that.

It starts out where you -can- see their reasoning. “I slept with that person, so of course it makes sense my SO doesn’t want me hanging out with them.” but then it can get crazy, with stupid reasons why you can’t hang out with this person or that. And that’s where I’d see their relationship heading. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I completely understand what you’re saying, but wouldn’t it change that fact if the male MC wasn’t the one who stopped their friendship? Also, this will be the only part of their relationship that is a bit flawed (because not everything is perfect) and this will only be at the beginning of their relationship. When they get closer and the external factors disappear and the story progresses their relationship will be far from toxic.


Okay so, a girl in my story rescues a guy from getting beat up (he was drunk) and by the time the fight is over with he’s unconscious. She can’t, in good conscience, leave him on the sidewalk, so she takes him back to her apartment to sober up. She notices that he’s filthy. His clothes are dirty and he reeks of booze. She has these choices:

  • Take his dirty clothes off and replace them with her ex-boyfriend’s clothes that she kept
  • Just leave him on the floor of her apartment until he wakes up
  • Just leave him on the sidewalk
  • Other

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If you pick other, let me know what you think. (Cause I get it, the first option sounds a little rapey)


Okay so I did a bit more thinking, and I came up with another alternate option since the others a bit controversial.

So I didn’t mention this earlier because it’s not really important to what we were talking about, but the male friend is a closeted bisexual. I was thinking that maybe he could end the friends with benefits relationship with the female MC to explore his sexuality. He would distance himself from the female MC and eventually get in a relationship.

What do you think about that? Idk what to do at this point :joy:


Just from what I’m reading, it seems like he pressured her into the decision. That would make him being the one who ended it. Unless she was using him as an excuse to end the friendship. Because otherwise, it doesn’t look like she would stop hanging around someone she had spent so much time with and had grown close to(as friends).


I think she should leave him on her couch until he wakes up, instead of the floor. Then when he wakes up she can offer him some clothes and a shower in her apartment.


Maybe you could do half and half? Have him sleep on the couch and when he comes too, there’s a pile of fresh clothes beside him and a towel so he can clean himself up on his own rather than her taking his clothes off for him. She could then offer him food later on if he’s hungry and this could set up a scene as well between the two?


I just realized we said the same thing haha


Yeah, I’m so lost idk what to do anymore. She does like the male friend as a friend, so that’s why I think the option I just replied to you with would be the best.


I mean, if he’s bisexual and knows he likes having sex with her, why would he feel the need to end the benefits with her? XD


Yeah, me too :joy:

Great minds think a like lol


AHHHH you’re right

I’m so confused

Well like he’s closeted so he’s never been with another guy but he’s definitely attracted to males. He’s just never explored it. But that still doesn’t explain why he would end the FWB relationship with the female MC because they aren’t monogamous.


I meant couch I don’t know why I typed floor :joy:


How does she get him into her apartment in the first place? Most girls can’t carry a man, especially one that is dead weight.

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She has a car that was close by.


Yes, but she still has to get him in it and then find a way to get him inside her apartment. Is he a small guy? Because he’s not helping her at all. It’s all his weight she has to move.