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Yeah this whole thing was eventually going to lead up to them eating together, I just don’t know which route to take to get there.


Yeah that’s better than the floor lol

Also if they are a potential romance, if he stays in her apartment to eat, shower, clean up, etc. that would give them a chance to get to know each other better.


Maybe your male mc can set the male friend up with another man? That way you male mc gets the girl to himself and doesn’t seem like such a bad guy for trying to end a friendship? XD


Actually, that’s a really good idea. I’ll take you up on that :joy:


Glad to help. I was feeling like a jerk for questioning you so much. lol


I made him a manageable size. He’s not godly ripped, but he’s not puny either, so she can lift him kinda easy. She’s not suddenly superwoman because her background is that she works at this spy agency and is also a dancer so she excersies a lot and lifting him is just like lifting weights.


No! I really appreciate it, thank you.

I was so lost before on how I should end the FBR relationship, especially without making the female and male MC’s relationship seem toxic. This helped a lot.


Okay, that sounds reasonable. I like Effilctim’s suggestion of putting him on the couch while leaving a pile of clothes out for him.


Okay thanks! I’m trying to make the situation semi-realistic. I wasn’t going to have this scrawny girl fend off his attackers then carry a 150+ man to her car😂


Lol, it could be funny to make the scene of her carrying him up a little humorous. Kind of like, “Ooph, I need to work out more” or “Gotta work on the weights more”


oh i didnt think about it!? thanks!


hey this is about one of the main characters in my stories (i posted one before but forgot a option sry)

  • He is a gay character. If you choose me then plz comment whether he is openly or secretly gay!
  • He is straight.
  • He is a bisexual male.If you choose me then plz comment whether he is openly or secretly a bisexual!

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secretly bisexual

  • The Devil starts a Cell Phone company – each customer commits a percentage of their soul to Hell at death
  • The Devil starts a porn website – each subscriber commits a percentage of their soul to Hell at death

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He’s openly gay/bisexual


Openly gay.


Hello, I was told I could post this here. I have titles I cant choose from and just one word is bugging me. Its a vampire story about a girl who goes to a college but meets a guy who was involved in a murder at his previous school.

  • His Heart’s Desire
  • A Heart’s Desire
  • The Heart’s Desire

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Have you considered just Heart’s Desire?


I have. I just don’t know if it would be any more popular than the ones above.


So I have a dillemma, one of the subplots in my story Alorne is that the dad of one of my bigger characters had ‘died’ during the war. Now years later they come across an execution and they find out they have been torturing him and sentenced to death for false reasons. But I don’t really know yet if I want to keep him alive or have him die at the gallows (he is sentenced to death by hanging)

  • Have the dad die at the gallows
  • Save the dad

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Thanks in advance!