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Oh my gosh my third poll.

Anyways, I’m creating a new short story and I’m stuck on names. My characters always have themed names and I cant decide which theme to pick (current themes I am using is Heavenly/Religious names and Satanic/Evil names)

  • Space (ex. Nova, Star, etc.)
  • Flowers (ex. Rose, Lily, Violet, Poppy, etc.)
  • Music (ex. Harmony, Lyric, etc.)
  • Herbs (ex. Rosemary, Sage, etc.)

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Openly bisexual male with an interesting character beyond his love life.


Alive parents are not as common as dead ones. I vote for what is rare.


Is there a way that I can edit my poll to change it up or add another option?


Yep, you should be able to! If you click the pencil icon, you should have access to edit your poll. Let me know if it doesn’t work, and I can do it for you (or you can start a new one if you prefer)


I have something I need voted on!

  • Carrie only brainwashes Tom’s mother
  • Carrie brainwashes Tom’s mother and his elder sister
  • Carrie brainwashes Tom’s mother, father, and his elder sister

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I need so much help. lol. I know it might sound kind of confusing, but I can answer any questions you have. :woman_shrugging:


Is she taking over a body, or does she pose as a visiting distant relative with the support of an influenced family member?


She’s posing as a distant relative. She doesn’t control their bodies, it’s more she can get in their mind and heavily influence their memories and thoughts.


My character has to leave one dimension and travel to another. The forest is where she ends up in a forest-like village. The Medieval coast is where she is the king’s daughter, has two sisters and lives in a large yet cozy kingdom on the coast of the ocean. The Italian wonder is like this beautiful amazing city in an Italian world basically. You can ask me questions or give me feedback on why you voted (this is a repost)

  • The Medieval Coast
  • The Italian Wonder
  • The Forest

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In this case, I vote fore one relative being enough to support her identity claim, and simple is best. :slight_smile:


I had a poll a while ago, but now I have more/different options.

  • Robert ONLY peacefully kills his grandma as she’s in pain and Mo handles the blackmailer [Robert’s crime is understandable for some but still dark]
  • Robert kills grandma peacefully and kills the blackmailer for threatening his one year old son [Understandable to some readers but still dark.]
  • Mo peacefully kills Robert’s grandma as an unasked for favor and deals with the blackmailer too [Robert’s getting manipulative and ‘talks’ Mo into killing Grandma in a subtle way but he still doesn’t have the stomach to do anything drastic himself]
  • Mo peacefully kills Robert’s grandma as an unasked for favor but tells Robert to handle the blackmailer [Mo catches his ‘manipulation’ with grandma and tells Robert he has to handle the next problem–which is the blackmailer]

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Your thoughts on the choices would be appreciated too!


My crew picks up a defector. His people try to preserve their technology secret, so he is willing to spend years being studied, before settling quietly. Normally, his peoples’ bodies disintegrate at the moment of death because it triggers a self-destruct implant.

He can either die because he did not know that the disintegration implant can be triggered before the person dies. Or the crew will settle him in a secret location by making an alternative arrangement with one of the factions they deal with.

  • The defector dies because he did not know everything about the implant
  • The defector survives to live in solitude because the crew makes an alternative arrangement

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Thanks for reading and voting, good folks!


I’m writing a book (the first in a trilogy) where there’s a revolution going on and the MC discovers that the leader is his father. Do I…

  • Discover that his father is the leader and end the book.
  • Discover that his father is the leader and have a chapter afterwards.

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But, dude, please be careful because ever since Star Wars happened, the “I am your father” trope has been WAY overdone! :blush:


Just need some help deciding on an animal:

  • Maine Coon (cat)
  • Dachshund/Weiner (dog)
  • Sphynx/Hairless (cat)

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I will.


Are people still allowed to bump threads? lol. Well, bump.


Yes they are :slight_smile:


I closed the poll on #42. The most voted option was the secret pact, so I’m going for that.