Need Help Developing My Villain.



As you guys know, the lamest excuse for a villain to be evil is “that they are just crazy.” I want to avoid this trope and others tropes as well. My Villian’s Name is Dark Vesitbulum,but I feel like he could use a better name. He’s inside a fantasy world by the way. Anyway. I would describe him with grey hood with red letters and symbols designed on his garments. He is a humanoid like creature that originally was a kind hearted individual. However, after the original creator of the world stopped playing with him and basically abandoned their friendship. He wanted to go look for him but instead he found the horrors of the real world. so he though that he must should all the fantasy residents this so they would conclude that the Star Children were never coming back. They should try and escape their realm by brute force.
Insipratoons from other fictional villians include:

Infinite from Sonic Forces
Grodus from Paper Mario: TTYD
Fawful from the Mario and Luigi Series
Hyness from Kirby Star Allies
President Business from The LEGO Movie
Heartless from Kingdom Hearts
Prince Hans from Frozen
And pretty sure many more.

I want to make him believable but still sorta evil. And My main plot twist is that he is being possessed by the darkness inside him. These dark thoughts were made when he realized the horrid horrors of human realm.


I agree, characters who are evil for the sake of being evil tend to be one-dimensional and not very believable. Despite what some movies will tell you, I don’t think anyone is ever really born evil. Things happen to them. Give the reader glimpses of those events. If the narration is ever from his point of view, then share his thoughts and unpleasant memories with the reader. If we don’t see his POV, then have him voice these clues. For example, “Try being chained in a dungeon for five years and see how cheerful you are!”

He may be possessed by darkness now, but he was more balanced once. Give the reader glimpses of that too. Humanize him, even if he isn’t human. It’s about relatable emotions. Maybe he still visits an old friend who is now too senile to recognize him. Or maybe he helps the animals that horrible humans have tortured.


Thank you so much! :heart:


How does he feel about individual humans? Is he conflicted between liking some, but considering humanity as a whole a virus? Is he okay with destroying those he likes as he needs to purge the race, or does he hope that they would be ‘saved’ and bends the rules for those he likes to be the chosen ones? Or is he fair in his own way? Has he ever faced the straightforward killing of someone where it is offputting and the victim of his plan is likeable or illicits pity?


Basically, every individual protects herself and her own group. If there is conflict between two groups, the members of her own group call her “good” while the members of other groups call her “bad”.

In Star Wars, Master Yoda describes it clearly: “the Jedi think of others while the Sith just think of themselves.” Translate that to our modern real world, or to your fantasy world of fiction: the rich First World has so much and they refuse to share it with the poor 90% on the other side of Donald’s wall, we even make it worse by paying as little as possible for the Third World’s coffee and throwing bombs on their heads to keep control of their oil… Perfectly acceptable villains, everywhere around us…

Evil is selfish. Good helps others. What does that say about me, trying to help you without asking anything back in return?


I appreciate your aid but I got questions
Why are you using only female pronouns?
Why are you talking about Donald’s wall?
Why are you typing like that?


“Every villain sees themselves as a hero” is one of my favourite tricks.

What if he let the “darkness” take him cuz the world wronged him somehow and he wants revenge? What if he thinks the “darkness” taking over him will achieve his goal in life or would make the world a better place?