need help finding an editor :(

Ok so I’m editing part 1 of a series and getting rid of any obvious mistakes. Once I get done doing that, I’ll be searching for editors but the ones I did find (note that my books 62K and change word count) they were going to charge $1K for editing it! is this something that even at this low word count?


Posting cause I just want to know myself

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What type of editing?

full time editing (regardless of the type)

I think they’re looking for industry standard level of editing.


Yep. Deleted my comment


Unfortunately, yes, that is the average. It can be more or less depending on what type of editing (copy, line, etc…) you’re looking for. Source: I have two friends who are professional editors.

There are three types of editing: developmental, line, and copy. They look at completely different things, and they have very different prices.

You need to determine what type you want, and you need to specify that when you talk to editors. You also need to get a sample edit of a couple of your pages of that type of edit from the editor.


The costs of editing seems to really vary. For me, 1k USD for 62k words seems quite high. I had my last 150k novel copy-edited and it cost about the same, and I was happy with the results. I’d get a few page sample done and consider whether you think it’s worth it.


I seriously need an editor.
Please help

I’m still doing the common editing with myself, I also see things that I wanna add to it so like if I lose the watty awards then it’ll help because that way I can figure out on trad or indi publishing with my work(s).

I understand. it’'s just that my work is kinda messy and i need the help. Normally my cousin would love to do it but she’s at boarding school now

Same here.

Any my book is finally eligible for the wattys so i’m sorta freaking out

I know right? my book’s still being edited and I feel like I have NO time at all…

Sometimes i feel like quitting and unpublishing my book really

same. :frowning:

But then my main goal on wattpad is to have book published by wattpad studios. SO even if i don’t win the wattys this year i’ll apply next year, and the year after that till i finally get lucky enough

True, true!