Need help for a banter about breast size

Yep. You read that right.


I am in dire need for your help. My heroine has eavesdropped my male lead commenting on her small breast.

In my next chapter, I have planned for her to give him a piece of her mind, in the form of a monologue, similar to Cyrano De Bergerac’s about his own nose.

So, fellow Wattpaders, whether male, female or non-binary, would you share your best and lamest jokes about tiny titties?

Before anything, my question would be why does she care so much and my second thought would be second-hand embarrassment :see_no_evil:

But you could always venture down the path of “why were you looking?” Maybe throw out some facts about larger breasts like back pain. She could always say something like “since I have small boobs, I don’t always have to wear a bra” or whatever.

This is hard lmao.


I know, right!

I don’t want this banter to become a comparison between generous breasts and small tits. No size is better than the other ones…


Just be like…my dude can you not? I hardly go around commenting on the size, or lack thereof, of people’s body parts. followed with a pointed look at the dude’s crotch


Thank you!

I will keep your suggestion for my MC’s conclusion :slight_smile:

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My small tits match your small package, do they not?


That’s what I call wit lmaoooo.


I’m so sorry, but I cannot help but add this Russian music video here. It so perfectly fits into this subject.

Other than that, I have really nothing to say.


Player 2 has left the game.


Nooo this is the part where he tries to prove her wrong :joy:

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I’m sorry the phrase ‘generous breasts’ took me out. :joy::joy: Never heard that before.


HAHHAAHHAHAHWHAHA I don’t know why but this made me laugh so much XD


Yeah someone asked… I don’t feel this scene is going to make sense. Like I have big boobs so I don’t know if it’s a thing for people with smaller chest to care. All the girls I know with small boobs love it because Hello comphy and no need for a bra but I don’t see why a person would go out their way to argue their opinion on their body.

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:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :joy:

welcome to the itty bitty titty community

Not that I can relate but like… I would probably say something about the size of their dick in return. :rofl:

Actually, I remember one of my guy friends called me flat. :unamused: THAT WAS IN SIXTH GRADE THOUGH .

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She should say: “Here’s a relevant story for you. There was this guy once and he said F*CK YOU.”

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I probably wouldn’t bring it up again. Seems like an insecure move, even if it did hurt her feelings. It also shows that she’s nosy. Frankly, I’d roll my eyes if she tried to get back at him for something he didn’t say to her face.

If she wanted to put him in his place, I’d have her take the high ground and actually make him feel bad about judging her. Maybe an exchange occurs where the group is judging someone else (or even him for his nose) and she steps up for them, saying that body parts play no role in merit or something. Or maybe down the road, if they do become love interests or just have a heart to heart, she says something like “even my ‘quote insult about her breasts’?” With a sad, insecure smile, and he feels ultra bad.


So as someone who’s had small breasts her whole life, it’s definitely something I’m self conscious about. Society’s idea of beauty has largely circulated around curves and busty women, and when every movie star except Kiera Knightly is dressed to show off her cleavage or implants…it sends a pretty clear message to girls who are flat chested. (No back pain or heavy duty bras is a plus though).

That being said, I agree with your point. It doesn’t make much sense to confront this opinion. She’s either hurt by the statement and probably doesn’t want to bring it up again, or she doesn’t care.



and also I personally cant tell you how to feel about your body but I for one think slender women are hot!

All women are hot to an extent but something about elongated frames is just so freeing and natural looking.


Lol. That’s sweet of you!

My insecurity has faded over the years for sure, but back in high school and college it definitely felt like it was something that made me undesirable. Mostly because of the men in my life. My friends would say, but you’re so skinny!! And it didn’t mean much when they were all C+ cups :joy:.

Now I think the fascination with breast size is a bit bizarre. If someone actually judges a person for a body trait they can’t control…why the hell would you care about any of their opinions going forward? :joy::woman_shrugging:t2: