Need help for the title.I

I need help for a title.


“If you can’t find each other, destiny does.”

Della Douglas and Lawrence Clay both lead a simple life, going through the motions of their daily routines, blindfolded to the happenings around them.
In the Island of Tregon, meeting should have been inevitable, but their paths haven’t met despite fate’s efforts to bring the two together.
Until they accidentally kiss under the moonlight and can no longer resist the plans of their fate.

Right now, the title is ‘Della and Lawrence’ and I love it A LOT. But I would want to know from different perspectives which another titles cross your mind. Opinions?

how about . . . Find Me?

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or maybe . . . We Never Knew.

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How about:

Fate, Interrupted
Predrawn Paths
(A/The) Kiss of Fate
Kissed by Moonlight
Ships by Night
The Issue of a Fate Ignored

I think more information might help people come up with ideas, such as which genre this is, and if fate is actually a thing in this story or just a romance trope.
Personally, I won’t click on stories that just have two names in the title - but I’m also most likely not in your target group. I prefer titles that make me question what the author means by them. Or puns. But those, sadly, are hardly ever fitting.

Hope I could help a bit.

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I actually like the suggestions.

‘Kissed by moonlight’ does sound good.

The story is in two perspectives (Della and Lawrence) and they live their lives which at oddly connected. They haven’t seen each other and have no idea the other is the same person.

I remember this from the other thread. They had never met.

‘Until We Met’.

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Hahaha yeah.