Need Help On Your Stories?


Hello everyone. I’m Kat and I’m here to help you guys on your stories. Just comment on this thread and I’ll help you guys.


So, I am writing a sequel to my first book THE TIME LIMIT and I am having some issues with writer’s block and I’m only on the second chapter. Any ideas on how I can get those creative juices flowing?


Hey! So, what’s the direction you wanna go on for your story? How did you start your first chapter? Some advice to help with that is reading a favorite book or hanging with a friend.

What I usually do is, based on what genre my book is, I do something that’s related to my genre. So, for romance, I speak or hang out with a crush and if it’s Sci-Fi, I go back to my childhood and use my imagination to envision myself in that perspective.

Does that help at all?


Thank you! That helps so much. I started my first chapter where the first book ended; at a cliffhanger.


Do you use Pinterest? Whenever I get writers’ block, I search for writing prompts on there. It usually really helps me the creative juices flowing again :slight_smile:


I’ve been planning a book for fun, so there’s no hurry in finishing it but it’s been months and I’m struggling on developing a love interest. It’s not so much as I don’t know the resources to use (trust me I’ve been on multiple sights telling me about how to develop my character and asking character development questions), the issue is that I just don’t know what type of person I want him to be. If I could figure it out, I’d be able to answer all those character development questions. I’m not sure if I wan’t him to be shy or confident, or if he should be uptight or easy going. It’s honestly killing me and I need some advice on how to be able to figure him out.


What kind of character is your person? And what kind of person do you want him to be?


When you ended it at a cliffhanger, where did you imagine it going?


Hey I could use some help… I’m having some problems on what to write next for one of my stories


Hey. What kind of stories do you write? Fanfiction? Original pieces?


Mostly fantasy though for the one I need help with is a sci fi/fantasy


What ideas do you have so far? Characters? A plot?


I have most of the plot down, the main and some side characters and the first few chapters


Then what do you need help with? Does it have a name?


Umm no name yet so probably that… and what would you write a hospital scene where the patient woke up? or should I not


Well, me personally with the hospital scene, depending on how the subject got there, I would have them wake up in a haze that if they attempt to move, they would be in pain. Then, maybe their love interest walks in with flowers or is sleeping in the chair next to them. So, a hospital scene can work. And what are your thoughts about the names?


I have no idea for the title


Thats good. The last names will come to you. What about your ideas on the name of your story? What elements are included in your story?


I have absolutely no idea for the title but in the story there are people with powers, futuristic tech and mutant monsters


I may have an idea for the title. What kind of powers are they?