Need Help On Your Stories?


each person has different powers (though not many do cause it’s rare) but one of the main characters has it and he has the power to manipulate a new element that makes up a lot of their world


How about…An Elemental Love?


Sorry wasn’t thinking of it as a love story…


Then how about Xantium? Its also a name of the spaceship that transports the Autobots and it sounds really futuristic


What do you think about that?


I like that thank you


No problem. Is there anything else you need help with?


I don’t think so… Thanks!


No problem. I’m here anytime.


Hi! My problem is a bit different from everyone elses, I don’t have writer’s block but I feel like my story has too many I’s and I feel it’ll get boring and i’m only on the second chapter…If that makes sense


If a person doesn’t have Wattpad and I send him a link to my book and he reads it without account, will his views be accounted for or not?


That makes sense. Maybe add more description in a way to combine some of the I statements. Does that make sense


It will count but he unfortunately cant vote on the story. But his views will still count though


I’m trying to improve my deep pov style, please let me know if this draws you in, thank you!

“Olenus, protect me.” Am too late, far too late.

A shadow hard to see showed at the edges of the sparse light that streamed from cracks in the walls.

Squinting, it looked purplish. Parts of it wafted from the book’s center and met with the rest. A face formed near the top, then a month.

“I’m free, and all shall suffer for my pain.”

It—came—wrapped around tight—so hard to breathe—she wheezed, gasped and tugged—on nothing? Its airy grip lessened as it snaked up her body looking her in the eye then jumped down her throat. She screamed. Stumbling backward, falling she landed on her side shaking. “Insane, this is insane.” Am drunk at the in is all, this isn’t real.

I don’t think you’re convincing yourself anymore then you are me. How about a little pain to bring your sense of reality back, hmm? The voice came from within, slithering around repeating the words pain and reality.

An awful burning sensation spread throughout her. She fell, twisting in convulsions. Once they subsided, she stood up and leaned on the decaying brick wall.


Thats kick ass. What story is it from by any chance? Thinking about blasting on social media. XD


Wah? Wow!

It’s the first chapter in Soul Tear, it has a lot of problems with plot holes and some chapters were a bit flat so I’m giving it a total revision from top to bottom.


Clever girl XD


I didn’t expect a confidence boost xD Okay! I’m staying up all night and going to finish this story.<3

(my spelling is horrid had to look up a word :P)


Thanks for giving me one too. STORY TIME!!!


WOO yay go us!