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I guess I’ve re-studied deep pov long enough; ya take that book!








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I’m back, lol on chapter two. I need more feedback. Is this funny or is it too crude?

“I wish the woman no harm, I just wish to an inquiry about possible stolen property,” Maxwell said. His smile a bit hard to spot for most; as he looked more like in need of the pot then a friendly gesture.

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kind of


I’m not sure and it’s really killing me. Because he is a love interest, I want him to fit with my MC’s personality. However I feel like I keep over thinking it and now I’m completely lost on what to do


tks, deleted it was also killing the tension.


Sometimes I base the love interest like a crush of mine . It helps me with most of them. What’s your MC’s personality?


It sounds perfect to me. The perfect amount of crude and funny


She’s more introverted in the sense she like being alone, however is very upfront and straight forward when she needs to be which sometimes comes off as rude to other people. She is creative and a good problem solver, and hates when she’s put into a controlled situation. With other people she finds it hard to make close friends as she finds it hard to open up, and she lacks selflessness and sympathy which can be a turn off.
As for her life her mother is suffering mild depression while her father works hard to keep the family some what financially stable. The reason the mums suffering depression is because my MC’s sister turned out to be a complete mess and left. She is very protective of her parent’s and wants to do everything for them.
With him, I was thinking what would make her interested. However when I give him a personality trait such as patient, it doesn’t completely match up with a main plot. So yeah I’m not sure if that helps, that’s just a quick run down.


Sometimes a characters traits doesnt match the plot. It’s okay but it all adds up in some way. Does that make sense?


I’ve been thinking a lot about the title of my boyxboy werewolf story. Basically the plot follows two mates who get bonded early in their lives and are separated. The story picks up at there reunion.

I want the title to be made of simple words that anyone would understand, but also make it clear about what the story is about.

Here are some options I was thinking about, though I’m not sure they really accomplish what I’m hoping.

  1. Bound by Fate 2)Mate Bond 3)Bonded Mate 4)Pair Bound 5)Bonded 6)Bound

Gahh, I’m not sure, let me know if you have suggestions please.


I think that Bound would be a good title.


Hello Kat! I’m Melissa!

I’m very grateful that you have posted this, I’m in a bit of a writers block. I’m writing my first story ever and I want it to be a fantasy/romance action type of long novel. I have a basic outline for it, but I’m having trouble getting from Point A to Point B and then to Point C. I don’t know how to move it along, I guess. Does that make sense? Also, I am twelve chapters in, though I’m sure all of the chapters need work.


Nice and simple.


I use them too. They are like so awesome


Hi. okay, see I am like completely inexperienced in romance but I have read many books on it so I got an idea and started writing this book called 'Last wishes so I am adding a romance element. Do you have any ideas coz I am a little lost?