Need Help On Your Stories?


Hey, I’ll like it if you took a peek of my book and help me spot out where I’m switching perspectives too much… If I can find at least two instances where I did it in excess then I can go back and improve the other chapters…

Chapter 2 seems to be where I did this a lot (or so I was told). The name of the book is Ascension: Heroes Rising


Maybe?? Hahah I don’t know. I’ll just keep going, maybe try writing without him planned out and then it might come to me that way. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Shay. I’m working on a novel. Right now, I’m working on a scene, and I came across a question: in my book, would I be able to include a Shakespearean sonnet?


Hey, i’ve been thinking of a new story for quite a while now and tried to write a first person draft, it failed horribly so now i’m resorting to third person. Except, the only problem is the introduction.

The story is set to begin with a prologue that takes place in a chaotic warzone. I’m talking elements of conventional war. (Trenches, towers, guns) crossed with sci-fi fantasy warfare (lasers, teleportation, robotics) crossed with divine forces. Then in the middle of all that chaos i introduce 4 characters, 3 of which are vital to the story.

Does anyone have any hints on how to begin writing a scene like that and introduce all the characters properly? I just want to capture the atmosphere of a warzone and get the ball rolling in terms of plot.


I’m not Kat, but I think that as long as you introduce it or mention that it is a Shakespearean sonnet then you can add it.


hi! i’m working on an LGBTQ+ romance novel and was wondering how I should get my audience’s attention? not trying to self-promote, just new to wattpad and am unsure of how to put myself out there! thanks so much :slight_smile:


hi i am currently writting a storie of a police officer who goes to arrested a man a rape after a women lied out of spite and it go on to ruin the man and the police officer as it unravels


Hi Melissa! That makes sense. What kind of problem are you having?


Have you already started with a love interest and built a storyline behind it?


I certainly will!


Hi Shay. It all depends on how you want to go about your story. Do you want it to include a sonnet? And would it fit the book?


I think that third person might help with the development of the story. DO you have experience with third person writing?


I understand. Maybe start promoting it to other pages on here and, if you give me permission, I can promote it on my page if you wat.


Hi! Do you have any idea about how to write the story and the character development?


I primarily write third person, i’ve been doing it for about 3 years now


I’m stuck in a bit of a rut right now and could use a suggestion.

My MC suffered a serious injury and she has been in hospital for about 1.5-2 weeks. I am really looking to get her out now, but want to do so realistically.

She will be still injured and recovering at home for the duration of her injury, but I have a dozen high intensity thriller scenes about to come.

Any suggestions on how I can realistically transition her out of the hospital and into these scenes with her injury in mind? (She can still walk, it’s mostly a head injury and facial injuries).

I understand if this question is way too specific for answer. I also am having a block on how to literally have her discharged out of the hospital.


Hello. Maybe have her slightly in recovery but still in pain when she’s being discharged. And then during one of the intensity fight scenes, the enemy can hit her in the head and it can somehow affect the final battle. That’s what I think at least. What do you think


Thanks for the idea. I’ll take it into consideration when writing :slight_smile:


Hi Kat!

Thanks for starting this community! Im currently beginning my story and having a hard time getting things started while also developing my characters and the world around them. Do you have any suggestions on how I can mix both into my writing in the beginning? Should I focus more on the actions or setting it up? Any help would be appreciated!!


Hello! My name is WiFi and I’m in the process of writing a story about wolves in a fictional land called Eardwulf.
I’ve already done a bit of research but I’m wondering how in-depth people would like it to be. Would you care if I didn’t include lots of details about wolf ways of life? I would include descriptions of hunting and some customs and traditions but not super in-depth as The Wolves of Beyond, if you’ve read that. Would you still be interested in reading it or would the lack of description put you off?