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Maybe what you can do is start with some character development and incorporate some action in with it. Does that make sense?


I just started my story on the 21st, and, so far, that hasn’t been much interaction. I’m worried it’s because my characters are too flat. How can I created well rounded, relatable characters?


Yeah I would be interested in reading it. Just share it with me and I’ll definitely read it.


Have you done a face claim with your story yet?


I’m sorry but what’s a face claim?


It’s basically placing a face to your characters.


Yes! That does, I just wasn’t sure if there should be more of one or the other, but that helped! Thanks so much!


No problem!


I’ve set up a cast


Does this cast’s description match your characters?


Yeah it does


I’m having trouble to start my book. Where do I even begin? There is so much to tell, and yet my main problem is where to start. I thought I had the first chapter. I don’t


I need help writing a death scene.


I’m having an outline type of problem I guess. I have a basic outline where I have great ideas for scenes and i have point A-Point Z, but I don’t know how to get from scene to scene. To get into specifics, (hopefully I’m not sharing too much, but…) at this point in my story, one of my MC’s is fighting a really powerful magic user (obviously he’s supposed to win to move the story along) and I know that after he wins, i want him to get into this other world, but I don’t know how to get him from winning the battle and getting him into the situation where he goes to this other world to do what he’s supposed to do next. Does that make sense?


I am having a problem with something in my story.
Okay Suppose you are head of a department, and a new person joined the department last week.
Now you are told to choose someone to go with you in a confidential meeting. You are gonna choose her/him but why? Like why would you choose the new-comer?
I was thinking because he/she is hard working but i am not sure.



Hi, just stating my opinion here:
If I were head of a department and I needed someone to come with me to a confidential meeting and I chose the newcomer it would be because one: they work harder than the rest of the team, two: they volunteer to do extra things for people (e.g. they get everyone coffee just the way they like it) but they, three: aren’t a push over. They don’t let others walk all over them. Four: they are confident and do the work well. Basically, being a hard worker and trustworthy that they really make an impression.


So, I’m writing the part of my story when the MC escape from the abyss after suffering a lot, after escaping he became an outlaw in his seeks of revenge, what path should i follow from now on to make him look more like a villain?


Maybe start with your female character and figure out what she would like and go there. You said you’re looking for a love interest, so it sounds like you have a character for him to end up with–figure out what she is looking for in a love interest and then go from there.


It sort of feels like you’re trying to switch between first and third person. Check some of the verbs and make sure they fit with the right one. Also, writing out specific thoughts can be disruptive, although in your case, I do think you need to. Maybe try this though, instead of: I don’t think you’re convincing yourself anymore then you are me. How about a little pain to bring your sense of reality back, hmm? The voice came from within, slithering around repeating the words pain and reality.

Was she drunk? This couldn’t be real. You don’t think you’re convincing yourself anymore than you are me, do you? How about a little pain to bring you back to reality? Pain. Reality. Pain. Reality. The words just kept chanting in her mind, over and over again.

Instead of telling us that the words were slithering around–show us.

  1. Post to the share your story thread if you have been on here long enough that it will allow you (if you haven’t posted enough it won’t let you include the link).

  2. Read other people’s stories and comment. Some people will reciprocate, but either way, this increases your post count and will earn you more privileges on this site–including being able to post links where they are allowed.

  3. In LGBTQ+, find a novel on the hotlist that is similar to yours. First, you are going to check their tags and see that you use similar ones. Second, check out what they are doing that you are not. Do they have an awesome cover, and yours is pretty basic? Then go to the multimedia section and request for someone to make a new cover. Does your blurb need work?

Finally, start clicking on some of the user’s followers. Search out active followers, who are following more people than they are being followed by, then follow them and read their works and comment on those works. By developing a relationship with people that are interested in the type of book you are writing, you increase the likelihood that they will be attracted to your book. Wattpad is a social network, so socialize with people who read the types of books you are writing (and just in general when you can).