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Is your issue with the process of being discharged? What it would be like to go home after being in the hospital?

I was in an accident and suffered a fairly serious injury a few months ago and had a five day hospital stay. When I was discharged, I was cleared in the morning, had to wait for my prescriptions to be delivered, because I would not have help or the means to get them once I had arrived at home.

When my prescriptions did arrive, everything happened very fast. I was given paperwork to give to my doctor and about followups, but they failed to give me information about the services that were recommended for me at home (since I would mostly be alone).

I was brought outside in a wheel chair, and someone met me with my medicine. A hospital driver brought me home as I did not have anyone to give me a ride. When I got there, it was extremely difficult and painful to get up the three steps into my house. I had a broken leg and was using a walker at the time, so I had to sit down on the steps, and it was very difficult to sit down and to get back up again once I got inside.

Once I got into my room, it was also very difficult to get around for the first couple of days, and I had to contact the hospital again and go through a lot of trouble to get information about my at home services. I am discharged from all of those services now and just have physical therapy as an outpatient.

Obviously, there is a lot here that will not apply to your character, but some of it will. Some things to consider: does she have someone picking her up? Someone to take care of her at home? It will affect how you write your story. Are there any meds or special instructions for her care at home? Does she have any follow up services? Did the hospital remember to give them to her or did the hospital leave her without information?


I recommend just getting the story out on paper first. Writing first drafts can be hard, and I don’t worry about a lot of those details at the start. Rough drafts are meant to be bad, and it’s okay if it’s bad. You can go back in and add any details in when you revise.


Too much description would actually put me off. I would only add details as they become necessary. Build your world around the events of the story. Definitely do not give us all the information up front.


How much do you know about your characters’ personalities? I use this link as a general guideline if I need to flesh out my characters. It is very, very detailed, so you don’t necessarily need to fill all of it out, but it can give you an idea.

Abridged Character Sheet


Who is your main character? This is usually a good place to start. Introduce them and give the reader an idea of who they are.

What is your main conflict and how does it start? In other words, what is the inciting incident?


Maybe it’s more about who they are not choosing. Maybe it’s a small department and one person is pregnant and about to go on maternity leave in a few weeks. You have someone else who has been there for years but is lazy. Maybe someone else is already on an important project and cannot be spared. The point is, don’t just look at the character being chosen–look at the characters that are not being chosen.


I’m torn between two blurbs for my book. Which one does everyone prefer/would entice you to read it?

Blurb #1: Liam shook his head. “That’s nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about. Just run along back to the love room…”

“Liam, it is something for me to worry about,” Thea interrupted him. “I am a member of this department, and if you are having an expo, I should not only know about it, but be in attendance.” She had to make a concerted effort not to grit her teeth. The department was an all boys club and had been, she imagined, since Liam had taken over–him and his Slytherin cronies.

When Thea realizes that her co-workers in the Department of Mysteries are running tests on house elves to reverse the dais and bring Voldemort back from the dead, she makes the decision to violate her vow to the ministry and goes to the Golden Trio and George Weasley for help.

Blurb #2: Unspeakable: That cannot be expressed in words, something too horrific to ever be told. Love. Death. Power. Time. Prophecy. All a mystery, one just begging to be solved. Thea remembered when she had been wide eyed and enchanted by the answers becoming an unspeakable promised, for it was the first definition she had believed in, the first definition that had started it all, but it would be the last that made her break her vow.



This was a lot of information I really was looking for and I really appreciate your reply. It helps so much. I’ve screenshotted it so that I can refer back to it when writing.

But seriously, big thank yous to you because you’ve really helped someone with their writing!


You’re welcome. Sometimes it’s hard to write something when you don’t have the experience your character is going through. I usually google it, but having someone who’s been there, it helps. I’m glad that my experience was able to help you with your story.


Googling is fine and all, but it also helps to get real life answers from real people :slight_smile:


I agree.


My main character is an High School student called Elena, that is 16 year old

The main conflict is that they live in a Global Totalitarian Government since 3 years ago, when an event officially called The Change ended all world’s governments and put this new government in charge. I’m planning on Elena joining the resistence by the end of Chapter 1


What causes her to choose to join the resistance? This should be your focus of your first chapter if she joins up by the end. Introduce her and your world–show the reader that she is in a totalitarian society, and then have “the event” happen towards the end to lead into her joining.


Need help with making a certain ability in my new story.

Anyone can help
First prize (best idea) is my read, follow and genuine feedback from me
You can help me here:


Ok. So my ideas by now are:

Starting with her on a bus on the way to her school

Already in school (Starting day)

Finishing the first class

Or to start when she is finishing the school day

What do you think is the best time to start so to show the society they live in?


I think that depends entirely on whether each of those will show that she is in a totalitarian society. I mean, if it were a totalitarian society, I imagine school uniforms and assigned seats on the bus would be a given, but that doesn’t necessarily tell us that it’s a totalitarian society. It really honestly depends on what will show it–if any one of those scenes won’t show the kind of society it is and no major events occur, then I would say you don’t need it.

I feel like you’re looking for me to tell you what to do, but I can’t do that. First, it’s not my story, and second, I don’t know how you view this society that you are building around your character, so it’s hard for me to say what would show it.



It’s just that I’m never comfortable with what I’m writing :frowning: all my attempts look very bad, that was why I tried to seek for this kind of help

Thanks anyway though!


Your first attempt at any story will be bad. It is very rare that anyone gets their story right the first time–that’s what revisions are for. The idea is to just write it–get it down on paper and then go from there.


I’m nearing the end of a trilogy and can’t quite decide on which way to leave it. It’s an allegory for the end of adolescence, of a growing up from childhood expectations and embarking onward to become the head of one’s family, beginning the cycle of life anew and living not just for oneself.

The protagonist’s father has deviated from their traditions and has led them on a destructive path towards a freedom both of them crave, but by abandoning the past, it has cost them nearly everything and everyone. The protag believes they have a responsibility to do what’s right for the greater good rather than what’s good just for her, and she now stands in a position where she can betray his dreams and make right what went wrong.

Should she walk in her father’s footsteps, or her forefather’s? Responsibility and belonging or freedom and loneliness?


The way I write is interactive with other people and has always been, and after years of being unable to find new cowriters or beta readers or dialogue editors, I have been forced to write by my lonesome but it is killing my joy of writing and has destroyed my productivity. I do not know what to do and seeking cowriters has gotten me nowhere.

I am desperate and my resources are depleted.

I have made three ads for cowriters on wattpad, several for beta readers and cowriters on tumblr, and I have reached out to discord communities, roleplay communities and more. The process of searching is looking hopeless. I do not know how to find joy in writing alone. I do not know what to do.

I’ve even tried therapy on getting to the bottom of my inability to write by my lonesome as an alternative to hoping I find fellow writers. To no avail.

I need a miracle in finding joy in writing in solitude or finding a magic bullet for locating new coauthors. I doubt this thread will help me with my particular conundrum, but I will try anything.