Need Help On Your Stories?




Hi there, Kit Kat~

So, I’m not having with writing the story itself, per se, I’m just wondering if there’re ways to get more views or readers here.

I’ve been uploading consistently, active in the community, share my stories (where it’s alright, of course), but recently it feels like the views are starting to drop down.

I won’t do anything drastic (and desperate) like forcibly promote my stories wherever, but I don’t know any other way for me to get more views. Do you have any suggestions? It’s okay if you don’t, I’m just wondering since I’m kind of new here XD


You can all help me here by checking out this thread:


You can also help me here!


No, not really. I am starting the story and have already planned it out but I don’t know how to approach it’s romantic angle.


Do you have twitter?


Hi! Badly need someone to help me edit my books and give me some awesome tips in writing. Thanks!



Maybe give him a good origin story and give him some badass in him.


What do you need help with?


Maybe do her father’s so you can give your readers an example?


I can help if you want


I have no idea either. Maybe keep trying what you’re doing and just hope for the best? I’m new too.


I can help.


Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


You may check out my book black and white (ongoing) coz someone’s editing my other book, Green-minded (complete). Thank you


Hey, could you please see my work? Badly need your comments on this one. To which should I improve from my writing.


Hey! So I’m currently writing a book called Head to Head and have written 18 chapters so far. I have written out on some scrap paper the start, middle, and end. I love how I want the book to end, however, I’m struggling to get to that point. There are some twists and turns I want to write but some of the chapters I’m writing at the moment feel like filler chapters with no real reason behind them. Some of them I need to get some small information in for the end of the story to make sense but I don’t know what I can do, to not make the chapter feel less blah, you know? Help pleaseeeee :yum:




Have you ever thought about adding some fluff in between chapters that actually lead to the next plot point?


yeah I have, I feel that some of it just isn’t good enough though or it might just be me being silly and overthinking everything :blush: