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Hello, are you still offering help?


yo dude!! i really would love this right now, it’d be mad cause im ditching my old story and jumping right onto a new one and i was hopin i could grab some people to talk to it about? so if ur up for it, itd be great!


Yes c:


I’d be happy to help c:


Yay :slight_smile: Does it include any genres ?


This sounds so good xD I am so insecure about my story :3 I know its bad so I will love to have some feedback and know if I am on right track!


Are you still open?


Yes! Sorry, I was away on break but I’m back now if you’re still interested


I’d love to help if you’re still interested. Sorry! I was away on break


Yes! Sorry, I was away on break. Still open of you’re still interested.


Romance/action help needed, thanks in advance!

Shall I dump my problems here or...?

I’ve got a romance story that’s turning some stereotypes on its head. But it still involves a CEO and it has a charity ball or whatever.

Now it seems like a lot of stories have “charity balls” of some sort so they MCs can dance and dress up and do the red carpet, etc.

I feel like because I want to develop the romance, the charity ball would be ideal, but I don’t want to drag readers through the stereotypic mingling with the wealthy, sipping champagne, etc.

Is there a way around the cliché parts or do I just have to write the intermediate?

I don’t really want to gloss over it or write one of those notes that say (okay so they did all the fancy stuff but I didn’t want to write it so just pretend they already did that) or (Time skip!)