Need Help with Climax Action Scene

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I’m currently writing my the climax to my story and the issue goes something like this: I can’t figure out how to extend the fight given the way I have it set up (no magic users on my MC’s side, disposable guards take the first wave, only 2 allies with the MC who have importance, in a cave, villains are powerful).

The fight takes place around and in a small lake with a waterfall. The lake is in a large cave and has some buildings/homes around it. The MC lured the 2nd Villain there in hopes of drawing out the 1st Villain. Guards (who are on the MC’s side) surround the lake and wait to attack the villains. Villain 2 and MC have a scuffle before Villain 1 shows up, and the guards all start to attack. I don’t know how cool to make the fight since it’s just boring guards going up against the villains at the moment. The chapter has to end (I need about 1400 more words) with the villains isolating the MC because they’re threatened by a very specific object that they discover she has during the fight.

So far my only idea is to have the MC and her 2 allies pass the feared object back and forth as they each try to get a clean shot at Villain 1, but I need something to really distract or take down the Villains so that they can’t be too powerful while my three characters do this.

I should add that both Villains have some strong magic, and the only magic user on my MC’s side is on standby since they have to perform a particular spell once Villain 1 is taken down.

I’m sure I’ve left something out that will cause issues in suggestions, so feel free to ask anything or suggest anything!

Whoah this sounds so cool!

Nah man guards attacking leaves so many freaking awesome opportunities to lengthen this thing out! How many are there? Mind if I BS an unrelated example of an MC fighting off a bunch of guards?

"I lose sight of (villain) in the dust and confusion as an army of guards suddenly swarm and take me to the ground. They hold me back as I desperately claw my way through them, losing sight of (villain) as I go etc etc…

Finally I give up. I grab the first gun I see and wrench it from his hands, then slam the butt end of it into his helmet. He drops and is quickly replaced by yet another, who grabs my weapons before I can load the first round of bullets, but I don’t let go. I feel myself being pulled from behind as a third wraps his arms around me, pulls me through the air and slams me to the ground on top of him, the rest prepared to follow suit and hold me down. I squirm and smash my elbow into his shoulder, he loosens his grip around my waist. I pound the end of my heel into the guard above me still holding on to my gun; I can feel my boot crush his ribcage upon impact. He reels back and I wrench my weapon from his hands, smash my elbow once more into the poor soul still trapped beneath me, and kip up to my feet. Before the rest can pounce in their place, I ram the cartridge into the bottom of the gun, point the muzzle into the several hulking masses of flesh, and fire countless bullets through the cracks in their armor. As they drop around me like flies, I lock my eyes on my next victim; (villain), breathless and trembling with a sense of power I didn’t know I had.
“You’re next,” I say…

That’s a very poor example, but man scenes like that are so much fun because you can just go. to. town. And it does take up time and WC. Watch anime! Check out the old good shit like Cowboy Bebop, it’ll give you ideas for how to handle combat scenes. This is such a cool ass set up you got here man, there’s a bunch of assets to control and I know that seems daunting but you can do it. Just let your imagination run wild, close your eyes and beat people up in your head from your character’s point of view. And please share a link, I’d love to read what you come up with.

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Ah! Thank you for all of your enthusiasm about the scene!! It definitely helped me to feel more motivated in writing it. Unfortunately, I sort of did you dirty by forgetting to say that the guards are on the MC’s side of the fight against the villain. Sorry :sweat_smile: I knew something like that would happen.

But I definitely agree with your thoughts on fast paced scenes like that! I actually wrote something similar to it in the chapter before the one I’m writing now, where my character had to take on like 10ish crazed people at a time. It’s no army, but it had the same style of doing one move and using the aftermath to fight the next person in line haha

Right I get that! Like I said, unrelated example, but you can take the same idea and flip it around. Okay sweet well you know what you’re doing it sounds like! Believe in yourself. Go kick some butt :wink:

I’m here?? What’s happening :sweat_smile:

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I am very tired but you’re not human and this person has a problem I figured you’d be able to help with??

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It’s pretty late over here, so I probably won’t be able to help till I wake up.

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ok so my 2 cents: depending on how close you are to wrapping it up (since you said you need to finish this chapter) – i always say “don’t make it easy on the hero!”

let something happens that seems like they really screwed up! they dropped the secret object or one of the villains took it, something happened and all is lost!! but in the NEXT chapter, they overcome this with sheer ingenuity and a little luck :wink:

because obviously the villain relies on magic or strength or whatever… the things that the hero doesn’t have. that should ultimately be their undoing! the hero doesn’t NEED to use any of that crap to beat them when a good old sword to the eyeball or rock to the face will do it haha!

make 'em sweat a little bit and then find a simple solution to a complex problem!

If it were me, I’d have a big opening stage and the villains cause the white hats to retreat and regroup, a bit of talky-talk follows where the good guys opine about how DOOMED they al are, the villains are too powerful, yadda yadda yadda, but they steel their resolve and return to the fray. Death or glory … and win! Huzzah! :wink: