Need Help with Description/Summary!

I have two books, Thunderstorm and Crimson Shadow, that don’t have actual summaries (the “description” for Thunderstorm is just a teaser, and the one for Crimson Shadow is the preface) since I’m not very good at describing things, especially my own books.

I was wondering if anyone reading this could write one for either (or both) of my books. I’ll credit you at the end of the description. You can either post the description(s) here or by PMing me.

These are the descriptions I have currently:


The lightning crashed. The world was engulfed in a seemingly endless storm…

Jennifer woke up. It took her a while to realize what had happened. Then she remembered the asteroid.

Crimson Shadow

It was the year 2030.

I had been alive for over 600 years. Over 6 centuries of feeding off of humans, killing any vampires that got in my way.

That day, the day the asteroid hit, every vampire’s existence had changed. We could no longer take the humans for granted, since almost 95% of the population was killed.

The rest had underground hideouts, ones that they wouldn’t come out of for hundreds of years.


Vampires have always been the superior species, at the top of the food chain. Now, however, there was no food chain. We were the only sentient beings alive on Earth.

Along with the other 5% of the human population.

Now, we have to survive on that 5%, while at the same time continue our species. There is nowhere near enough blood to feed every vampire. Sacrifices must be made.

And many will die, both human and vampire.

Thanks to anyone who can help, I really appreciate it! :blush:

(I made a thread like this in December, but no one responded for a while, so I decided to make another one.)

Edit: Thunderstorm is a sci-fi romance about an asteroid that hits Earth, and a couple (Jennifer and Ben) that is impacted by it (it’s kind of hard for me to explain, one of the main reasons why I made this post lol). At the end of the prologue, it skips a million years into the future, where doctors have learned how to bring people back to life, specifically the ones that died in the asteroid. Jennifer and Ben are two of the 114 people that were successfully brought back to life, but an emergency operation was required to perform on Jennifer (Operation 77). Since the operation was never tested before, there were multiple side effects that came along with it, one of which being amnesia, which is revealed at the end of the first chapter.

Crimson Shadow is a post-apocalyptic vampire book about an asteroid/meteor that hits Earth, (I swear not all my books are about asteroids, only these two) killing the large majority of the human population, the only surviving being those in underground hideouts. It’s written from the perspective of a vampire named Mireya Calvaire. The main plot of the book is about what the rest of the vampires do with a limited supply of blood, and without a leader (only for the first few chapters of the book).

When I write blurbs, I follow this rough outline:

  • Who is the MC?
  • What do they want?
  • What is standing in their way?
  • What happens if they don’t achieve their goal?

If it’s non-contemporary, I’ll also indicate the setting.

Hope this helps and happy writing!


Generally while writing Book Descriptions you have to focus on some key points:

  1. Describing the Protagonist in 2-3 sentences
  2. Describing normal life in a sentence.
  3. Describing impacted life/life after something bad/wrong happened
  4. Describing anything that stands in the protagonist’s way
  5. Leaving a mysterious question that makes the reader wan’t to read it

I’ll try to read the book and help you write the summary. But I don’t exactly like PM
s. So I’ll appreciate if you give me your response here on this thread. I too will post the book description here (ie. If I read it).I’ll probably do the sci-fi romance one. :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW My name’s Cruz.

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Thanks! That’s fine, you can post it here (so sorry for the late response)

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Both are interesting and original stories.

The Thunderstorm snippet is a nice idea, but it could be improved. I understand that Jennifer has a memory issue, but that’s not necessary in the snippet. The crash, the asteroid, is the inciting incident of the story, highly important, and Jennifer is the MC so she should be there, but write in the active form (an endless storm engulfed the world), leave out the waking up and put her in the middle of an action scene instead, for instance:

The impact of the asteroid engulfed an endless storm…

“She has a heartbeat. Give her 200cc . Come on, Jennifer. Fight for your life.”

Something like that.

The Crimson Shadow is a five-star text. I like it a lot. Vampires at the top of the food chain: I love that. The tension that the disaster created, no tears for the dead but all problems for the survivors, it’s well done and there’s hardly anything I can think of to improve (perhaps 2 times 5% and 1 time 95% is too many maths for such a short blurb, one might be deleted). A gripping style, perfect for the genre, a clear plot with high stakes, an interesting setting and a character that I’d like to know better: everything is there. Excellent writing!

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I believe @Ronaldo7Siete hit the nail on the head with some really good advice, as did everyone else. I’m not very good at descriptions either, but the description for Thunderstorm just makes me a bit confused. It reads like “Lightning crashed, memory was lost, and there was an asteroid”.

It doesn’t make me care enough. I don’t know who the protagonist is, why they care, and what their goals are. Establish this and it’ll probably answer those simple questions potential readers may have and get them interested!

The description for Thunderstorm was really meant as more of a teaser than an actual description. I wrote it as more of a placeholder (since I literally just copied and pasted 2 different parts from the actual book). I agree with you, though, I never really liked it even as a teaser. I’ve tried to write descriptions before (and failed miserably :joy:) which was why I made this post

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The only concern that I have with Crimson Shadow’s description is that that’s already the preface, and I feel like it would be a pain for people to have to read it twice :joy: Thank you, though, I really appreciate it.

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