Need help with the color Scheme...

I’m trying to hammer out a color scheme for the figures, but can’t seem to get it to work. It’s for a Historical Fantasy.

This is a mock up of the colors.

No one seems to have enough technical knowledge to say, if you do this, this and this, it will click.

Story-wise the man is closer to the child than the mother to the child, but he’s also Wa, so wears Yayoi era clothes (Japan), so I don’t have flex on his color schemes that much beyond the belt.

The child is related to both mother and father, but often yearns for her mother. The mother, the main protagonist because of story reasons often has to refuse the child’s affections, so color-wise I want her to seem distant, but still related to the father figure.


Yayoi clothes:

Gaya, Korean clothes:

The final cover will mimick the previous two covers I’ve done for the series and I’ll realistically paint the characters, but I need to know the base colors first.:
Book 1:
Book 2:

Just based on the colors you’ve used for the background (mostly greens and browns), I would try to use vibrant reds in their clothing, whether that’s a lot of red details in their clothes or a whole article of clothing being red (similar to that Korean picture you included).

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I want the mother to look like she’s distancing herself from the child color-wise but the father and child to look related more related than the child. But the mother and father figure to still look related color-wise.

Does that make sense? I’m not quite sure how to pull that off. I have an analogous background. I know the child needs to draw the most attention… and if I do pull this off it would convey the story better.

So complementary, analogous? etc? How do I pull that off in color scheme?

BTW, red usually is a royal/noble color in Korean color schemes.

This is definitely tricky. There’s a lot of elements at play here that need to match up just right.
What about pink as the main color for the daughter (complementary to the background, a fitting color for a little girl), green for the father (a complementary color of pink/red, blends into the background a bit so it is obvious he shouldn’t be the main focus), and then blue for the mother (similar to green so it shows that there is probably a connection between the mother and father, but not complementary of pink, also blends into the background a little). With these colors, the daughter will draw the most attention, there will seem to be a connection between the mother and father, and, if you understand complementary colors, you’ll know that there is a deeper connection between the father and daughter than with the mother.
(Green is complementary to red/pink and blue is complementary to orange)

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I’d put the father and daughter in bolder colors (emphasize the red in the fathers clothing and putting the daughter in red as well) while putting the mother in a pale color, much lighter.

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Like the Gaya skirt, maybe use that color but make it very pale (lots of white mixed with it) so it can look like she’s separated to the point of apparition if you want to be deep.

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Thanks, I’ll give those a shot and show what the results are.
Edit: The results of fussing around look like this. Does it accomplish its goals though? Can’t tell anymore from staring at it too long. I have several patterns for the belt, but it drew too much attention when I put in a lot of color.

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I like that. The daughter and father definitely look like they belong together and the mother looks very distanced from them. The only downside I see is that I’m not really getting the feeling you were going for that the mother and father have a connection. That is, with the color. It’s clear from the way you drew them that they are a family, and the mother looks like the odd one out, so I think you accomplished what you were going for.

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I tried to roughly connect them by the color of the belt (father) and skirt (mother) which are absent in the child and also with the ring pattern in the shoes. The green is a complementary color of the red in the man’s rings, which is subtle because the color difference in the complementary scheme of the daughter’s colors are different, but because the red is analogous, I thought they’d look more related.

Any suggestions to make it stronger? I could try the off white in the woman’s skirt, but then that’s not very historically accurate for that region. (I tried blue but then it drew too much attention.)

I chose colors similar to the background for the mother so she seem washed out and distant. And also took down the saturation of the background a bit.

I think it looks pretty perfect the way you’ve got it now. I did notice how the mother’s skirt matched with the father’s belt but I wasn’t sure if that was done on purpose. I like the touch with her shoes having the same pattern as his outfit.

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