Need new reads including comments? Perfect! I do to.

Hi there! I have a proposition to make…I have a book; Colder than Stone. It needs some exposure and so I’m offering a read for read including comments on each chapter so you know that I’ve read it…I expect the same as well.

Colder Than Stone


what is the book about?

It’s a tale about Medusa and it introduces greek gods as well as a dragon called Plutus who she saves and in turn he saves her back. It speaks of the flip side of Medusas story. Like normally she is seen as a monster but here its about what happened to her and her redemption.

We can do one chapter for one chapter and if you find it interesting we can do five for five including comments.

All right sure thing, but I’m free Friday because of school

Thats fine! Send me your story link and how many chapters you’re willing to do. Just dont forget to do mine on friday.

I read the blurb and took a look, and I think I might be interested! I’ll go ahead and add it to the reading list. Here’s the link to the best of mine that I feel should be getting more exposure:’s-the-complete-lore

Awesome, how many chapters?

A prologue, 34, and some extras as bonus content relating to the story.

I can do nine of your chapters for nine of mine including commentary if thats cool with you

Sure! My chapters are fairly short and sweet at around 1k words each though

Here’s the link, but let’s start off with one chapter each and see if we like the story then we can talk after that. How does that sound?

By the way the fact that its a five nights of freddy book…is totally cool! Look forward to checking it out. Mine are short as well. Longer chapters can be boring.

Sounds great. Will get cracking on both of yourl during tonight and tomorrow if I get too tired.

okay, I’ll do yours if I have time or just Friday if I don’t

Thanks! I didn’t know you like that series, as typically many go along with the stereotypes when it comes to their opinions on it.

My brother got me to play the game a while back…was kinda fun ,but he knows way more than I do.

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Alright, I’m in!!! I read all your chapters!! :tada: :smile:

Here’s mine:

Title: Assassin’s Realm


“Yes, My Lord.”
Three words left Torrent’s mouth and echoed grey against the castle walls that imprisoned her. Since childhood, she’s been forced to hide behind servitude. But having witnessed a conspiracy threatening the survival of her king and his subjects, she can sit idle no longer. She must escape the cruelty of her captors, or allow the empire to crumble.

“Don’t scream.”
Raven is a cold hearted half-breed, a dangerous assassin that cuts silently through the dark nights of Evonheart. But from the blackness a sinister force rumbles. An army of beasts is amassing in the north and there’s no one to stand in their way.

Benevolence and brutality collide when Torrent comes face to chest with her murderer. Now she must convince Raven to spare her, rescue the king, and save the kingdom. Torrent holds proof of their uprising, and Raven holds her life in his callused hands.

:warning: Content Warning: Violence, Mental Instibility, Cruelty, A jerk face anti-hero who abuses the heroine (not the drug).

:warning: Trigger Warning: Violence against women, Death, Depression, Murder.


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I love mythology, I’d love to trade 1 chapter and then continue if we both enjoyed each other’s story!

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Would you be interested in my story?
Liliana Evans used to babysit three young boys when she lived in her small hometown called Clarkson. She leaves Clarkson to only return as a high school teacher where she is teaching those exact same boys, except they seem different. A whole lot different. What happened to the sweet little ones that she grew up with and who are these bad boys that took their place?

Most importantly how will she survive with them claiming she belongs to them? Especially since she was engaged.
Together Forever

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