need some advice on these ratings

Okay they’re horrible rates, but how can I get them to be better ratings??

Is this your book dear?


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What exactly are you asking dear? Like why you have no reviews on Amazon?

I see ratings but I forgot what else. :frowning:

It doesn’t have any ratings or reviews?

Reviews are a function of sales. Sell books and you’ll see reviews. It usually takes about 100 sales to see 1 review.

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Paid units offered.

  • File Size: 1517 KB
  • Print Length: 283 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publication Date: June 25, 2020
  • Sold by: Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B08BX529B2
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
  • X-Ray:

Not Enabled

That’s what I meant.

You’re talking about sales rank, not ratings/reviews.

And I still don’t understand what your question is? If you want a better sales rank then it’s simple - sell more books.

Well, there’s nothing to see. In fact do you get sales immediately, or will it take time?

Michael, sales don’t “just happen” because the book is posted. There are 5,000 books put on Amazon every day – with no books going out of print. The only way someone finds out about your book is if you tell them about it. That’s what marketing is.


Again, I don’t understand your question?

I see sales every day on every platform. Check your KDP dashboard if you want to see yours.

Okay, thank I was just confused.:frowning:

Is there any reason why you didn’t capitalise your name? It’s unusual to see an author with their name grammatically incorrect. Also you might want to fix the errors in the blurb and consider a professional cover that gives some indication of genre.

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This is a current cover. I’ve been having a hard time finding a cheap premade cover.

Someone edited my blurb.

I hope you didn’t pay to have it edited.

“…with this story comes regarding my soul mate” is grammatically incorrect and there are numerous other errors in the blurb. When an author can’t correctly capitalise their own name, it is a huge red flag to potential readers, along with the errors in the blurb and the problematic cover.

I believe I gave you links to a site that has thousands of premades. Here it is again:

Are you saying not a single one of those premades (which for fantasy start at $19 and there are thousands to browse) was better than the current cover you are using? Which looks like the free one you get with Kindle Create.

What’s your goal here?
1, Do you simply want to hit publish and say you’ve written a book?
In which case congratulations! Many people never achieve that. Pat yourself on the back and move on to your next goal in life.

  1. Or do you want to make this a business that generates income?
    Then you need to knuckle down and do some serious hard WORK. There is NO magic bullet. You put your head down and produce the most polished, professional, product you can. Your cover and blurb need to be on point (and these aren’t, sorry but they scream zero production standards and you will have a hard time getting readers to part with their cash). Your story needs to be honed to draw readers in, keep them turning the page, and make them buy the next book.

Well if I do make money, my goal on job wise is still in the gray.

If you want to make any money then you need to give your book the best possible chance of finding, and appealing, to readers. That takes work.

At the moment, you have hampered your book and given it an enormous hill to climb to become profitable. The cover gives zero idea of genre. The blurb is riddled with grammatical errors and doesn’t compel the reader to buy the book (it’s lacking a hook). There are issues with the look inside sample.

If you want to sell, then you need to polish the product. You need to do research to ensure your book sits easily alongside the bestsellers in your genre in terms of cover/blurb. Then you need to research the bestsellers to see if you are hitting the same reader expectations with regard to POV, length, tropes, etc.


What I meant is my major connecting to both political and gender studies for a psychology major… Writing is just not something to use as trying to make a full time income. :slight_smile: Writing is nice, but not a full time income career dream.

you are kindly requested not to share links to your stories, be they on Wattpad or outside. I have edited your post to remove the link to your novel.
You can easily say your book hasn’t got any rankings, and what to do about it. No need to link anything.

Thank you for your understanding,

Lina - Community Ambassador

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