Need some feedbacks for my book cover (upcoming book)

Hello everyone~!
I decided to write a new novel (just finished the prologue) so I made its cover first before I post it. A couple of feedbacks are fine cuz I need to improve both writing and cover-making skills at the same time. So any feedback, comments and advice is greatly appreciated :blush:

So anyway here it is:


“Love always scare me… can I start it over again?”

Henry Brookes is a perfect student who always get good grades in his academic since he was in middle school. Throughout the years, he thinks nothing but to get excellent performances in educations (unaware that most people kept their distance from him due to his behavior) only to impress his parents. As he grows older with the help of his personal counselor, he finally realized that he lacks social with others and other life experiences. On his final semesters in college, he decided to be more open-minded with people and more socialize… until a fateful encounter that will change his life.

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It’s a very nice cover🤩

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Thanks~! I’m still learning the editing skills… I might make a better one in the future! Again, thank you so much for the feedback~!

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