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Okay is it against the rules to explain about what your book is about (but not chapters from the book because it’s on KDP SELECT?

Like I plan on making books for explaining about each book that I publish on KDP SELECT? no book chapters but what people that would be interested to read?

The rules for KDP Select just say that if a book is in Select, you can’t have more than 10% of that book available electronically outside Amazon. So if you want to write, for example, a guide to the book’s characters and settings, that doesn’t have to be in KDP Select, as long as it doesn’t contain more than 10% of the text of the book that’s in KDP Select.

Whether a guide that’s done like that would sell any copies outside Amazon is another matter. I don’t think many people would buy a guide to a book that they can’t buy. Or are you planning to make the guide free, in the hope of persuading people to buy the book?

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Yeah. “The Blood Oath” series each chapter of ONE book would have the title which book it is and what the book’s about. But is that allowed?

Oh! I get it now. You are allowed to make a book on Wattpad called The Blood Oath. It is allowed to have a sample of the text from your book on Amazon – up to 10 percent (6600 words) – and yes, you can have additional pages that tell about the characters, the series, or whatever.

No, Just explaining by putting up the link to where it is on amazon and the blurb.

That’s fine. It’s just advertising your book and sending customers to Amazon. (The blurb usually isn’t part of the text of the book, and so doesn’t count towards the 10% that you’re allowed to display outside Amazon.)

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each chapter/part of the book will have those parts of the books.

information on what the book’s about, with the characters that are in each book, the link to where to buy the book, etc.

That’s what I have on my website. I have a page for each book with the blurb, cover, an excerpt and all the buy links.

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