Never Have I Ever... Character Edition


So you’ve played and enjoyed Never Have I Ever in real life and here on Wattpad, but has your character? Yes, it’s time for your character to play Never Have I Ever!

Ex. Person 1: NHIE kicked a dog.
Person 2: Billy has definitely kicked a dog. It was the first thing he did in the first chapter.
NHIE ate a worm.

I’ll start off.

NHIE blamed a sibling for something I did.

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Kismet’s an only child, lmao.
NHIE liked a guy.


Angel has liked a guy but it only happened after she died.

NHIE had a family to care about.


(I want to make sure I understand before I get to far in the game. “Never have I ever” translates to “I have never”, right?)

She has had a family to care about. Parents and a sister. She’s never had a family of her own though.

NHIE stolen something I couldn’t eat

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Maxine has definitely stolen some non-edible things. And yes, never have I ever means ‘I have never’.

NHIE been drunk.


Oh snap. Lovian, Vladimir, and Stain have drinking parties whenever they can get their hands on good alcohol (they classy). Sometimes, Miss MM outshines them all by calmly drinking without getting drunk.

NHIE biten ice cream.

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Liam has definitely taken a bite of ice cream. He likes to do things in quirky ways.

NHIE ditched a class.


Rose only start high school when she was 16

NHIE has a army


Johannes is still a senior in high school so no
NHIE kissed a girl


Liam has kissed his girlfriend Heather.

NHIE lied to my parents.


Of course she has. Who hasn’t!

NHIE learned to play an instrument


Jasmine knows how to play the guitar. She rarely plays it though.

NHIE gone to a homecoming dance.


Isabelle did, but she went with her friend Sadie rather than going through the process of finding a date.

NHIE seen a good movie only once.


Alex has been in one movie. Never seen any good ones and was cut off from the world too early to see any good ones

NHIE tried to act cool with my crush around


Lexi’s always trying to do big manly things to impress Cerise. Too bad Cerise’s seen it all. And she’s not interested lmao.

NHIE actually sat through a mandated state dinner out of my own free will

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No, she’s never been forced to eat a state dinner.

NHIE tripped when being chased

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Penny never has cuz she swings with her webs

NHIE rolled down a hill for fun


Liam hasn’t, but he would likely to do that because he likes to do things without thinking.

NHIE daydreamed about a crush.


She has!

NHIE written a message in invisible ink



NHIE ran away from home