Never Have I Ever...?



Thank god, no I’ve never done that - that would be mortifying :joy:

NHIE Tried to fit as many ice cubes as I can into my mouth and tried to keep them there until they melt


@goodbyegoon No shit that literally happened and it wasn’t even in hushed voices, I was like shouting and throwing my fists into the air. With good reason, because he just fucked me up in class that time again.

@lethargicluv NO! Have you?
Never have I ever waited for someone to confess their love for me and it turned out that he wasn’t even into me


nope, ive never really been rejected, not even subtly like that.

never have i ever torn a book in half


@bluenudibranch @Lunawatermelon I have it was and still is mortifying

No I haven’t my mom doesnt keep ice around the house
yes I have. Except they were into me in a different way.


Not in half but a couple of pages yes and it broke my heart

NHIE sent someone an out of the shower pic


@lethargicluv HAHAHHAHAHA NO AND NEVER. Again, have you?

Never have I ever tried sexting
PS: I haven’t and will prolly never will


@lethargicluv i have. it was mostly an inside joke between friends. other times its just that my skin looks hella good after the shower lmao

@bluenudibranchive never sent pics but yes.

never have i ever sent nudes


I have not I think, unless the definition of sexting is sending the occasional just in a bra pic to your best friend to ask for their opinion on your workout XD

I have sent out of the shower pics, its a joke between me and a friend, we’re both girls and like to pretend to be raunchy XD

NHIE looked at underwear in a story and thought omg what the hell is that???


I totally get that XD

Does nude but with a towel count? in that case then yes to my close friends as a joke.

NHIE fell down the stairs


i probably have, but i dont recall what the underwear looked like. and yes, i used to slide down the stairs just on my bum and idk one day i jus kinda fell down instead of sliding down.

never have i ever blamed someone else for something bad ive done


No, I would never. Guilt is far worse, I believe.

Never have I ever punched someone in the face


Uh… not all that hard, but yes I think I have

NHIE gotten kicked out of the house



Never have I ever wished I didn’t waste my first kiss


nope. havent had my first kiss yet.

never have i ever snooped through someones stuff when they werent around


No i havent, Ive wanted to before

NHIE wondered if the person I like thinks of me


Yes everyday

Never have I ever broken something that I don’t own and act like I didn’t


Yes all the time

nhie broken something I didn’t own and acted like I didn’t


No i havent i dont go out all that often XD

NHIE wished you had the guts to “hoe out” as my friends put it



NHIE completed a video game in a day


I havent, I dont really game

NHIE discuss kinks an fetishes with a friend of the opposite sex