New Adult Writers

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I wanted to start something up for writers of the New Adult demographic, where we can support one another through talking about our stories, struggles, and accomplishments.

New Adult stories feature protagonists usually aged between 19-25. These stories are coming of age stories beyond that of Young Adult. New Adult stories have a similar tone as YA but a similar maturity of Adult.

From the fabulous @AWFrasier: YA is about asking the big question of what life is, and NA is about exploring the answers.

New Adult can span a multitude of genres. New Adult is an age category, meaning it can have stories in all walks of fiction, as long as it follows the same basic target audience and themes.

New Adult has struggled as a category to get its feet, mainly because there’s a lack of shelf space in traditional publishing. Because of this, many gloss over the category. Traditionally published stories are often aged up or down instead. It is, however, beginning to gain rise in indie, self, and digital publishing.


  • Be Kind!
  • NO ADVERTISING. Advertising your story by directing others to your story (even without the link) is against forum guidelines. If you would like to advertise your story, please take a look at the #share-your-story category.
  • Feel free to share your achievements with your NA stories!

Feel free to answer as many of as little as you like.

  • Why is NA important to you?
  • What is your NA story about?
  • What do you struggle with as a NA writer?
  • What are your goals with your NA stories?


  • Did you enter any NA stories into the Wattys this year?

YAS! This is my home!

Because that is me. I’m 26 and writing about characters like me has always been important to me. Both in the sense of queer rep, mental health but dammit also my experience as a young person. The whole struggle of having to peak before 25, having to have your whole life sorted at the age of 20, and being treated both as an adult and then… This weird “young person stage” where your elders are telling you, you don’t know shit - and the teens are looking at you like you’re a grandma, lol.

So that’s why NA is important to me.

My current WIP is a sequel to my story North Atlantic inspired, 1920s Jazz era, Dark Low Fantasy, Spirits and Crowns.

A royal bloodline gets divided by rebels' attempted regicide, casting Alvina from her throne and into hiding, as Quinn, the bastard brother, is forced to take her place.

That’s the logline anyways.

Actually being recognised as an NA writer. The fact that a lot of people call it either “upper YA” or “Adult” is a struggle, because my books are neither. NA has that special tone that YA also has, but it features older characters - and for me, the fact that it tends to be more straight forward in the language used, means a lot. It’s easier for me to write like that since English isn’t my first language. It just flows better for me.

NA has a place in this world. There’s a special experience connected with being a “New Adult” and we deserve to write about that experience.

For Wattpad Books Daddy to notice me

I wanna get published. With that NA stamp on it. I want it to be marketed as explicitly and exclusively NA. And I want the demo to grow even larger on Wattpad. :sparkles:


I felt that. I’m 22 and right in that sweet spot of “what the hell is an adult” and “I’m definitely not a teen anymore”

BIG EYES :eyes:

Pls notice us @ Wattpad

YEP! And I’m right at the point where all my accomplishments aren’t as attractive as they would’ve been if I had been under 25 :sob:

Nothing makes me happier than throwing out that line about SaC :joy:



books passes to Toronto

And I’m at that “are my accomplishments even accomplishments?” yes, they are, but ya know imposter syndrome

Suuuuuch a good log line.


I should’ve asked how many folks entered NA books into the Wattys. edits in

It’s important to me because I can’t identify with adult fiction nor YA fiction. I miss stories about university, higher education, starting jobs, etc.
My NA story is a fantasy story I won’t get into the details
The biggest struggle is finding an audience. Many people here stick to YA or adult. I don’t feel at home in either
My goal honestly is to normalise the NA genre



Oh hell naw, not that bitch again. I told you to stab her.

I DID! Two actually. :smile: :black_flag:

Hey !! I’m so excited to be here and I’m looking forward to get to know all of you <3

  1. Why is NA important to me?
    NA is important to me because it is something where I can finally be myself and write what I want to see in there:). I’ve always had a knack for passionate and slow burn romances with a side of mischief :wink:
    When I first started out on wattpad, I tried my hand at writing different genres but for some reason I felt it was too forced. NA is just who i am tbh. I can connect with it better in comparison to teenfiction. Not that I am against teenfic, it just never worked for me. Now that I am finally writing what I want, I should say NA will slowly start to get the recognition it deserves:)

  2. What is your NA story about?
    My NA story is about Two confused university students who are trying to find each other through tough times. Its a passionate, slow burn romance where the idea is all relationships are beautiful. :slight_smile:

    • What do you struggle with as a NA writer?
      Since I am new, I would say overthinking. It is a habit where I come with a scenario which I think would be fantastic. But when the planning part of it comes, it is where i start thinking maybe my ideas aren’t so good enough after all. Or maybe if i wrote something else, it’ll be much better. I’m slowly starting to get out of it, since my purpose is to believe in myself and my work so that I can finally look at it and be like “Damn is this appealing asf” XD.

Oh yeah, and the intimacy between my characters are not rushed. Thats another aspect I watch out for. To have a balanced flow :).

sex scenes ? I’m getting there :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but some tips would be great !

    • What are your goals with your NA stories?
      My goal is to make sure that I evoke certain emotions and experiences out of my readers so that they can connect with my characters and be a participant on all the scenarios that they are reading, as if it is all happening in front of them:). Another goal of mine, is for people to feel the tension between my characters:).
      The last goal ? For NA to be recognized as a genre. It really does deserve to be appreciated and loved by many.
  • Did you enter any NA stories into the Wattys this year?
    Yes I did!!
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I am here for writing sex scenes. Any specific questions? :smirk:


If ya need gay tips feel free to ask your resident gay lol

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  • Why is NA important to you?
    For me, it’s where I can be myself when I write romantic comedies and creative fiction and have overflowing support for my book.

  • What is your NA story about?
    My main character, Maddie, has to enlist the help of her neighbor, Justin, to help her make a cake in 30 days for his aunt’s wedding.

  • What do you struggle with as a NA writer?
    Definitely missing grammatical errors, sentence structure, small things like that. Plus, balancing dialogue with imagery. Sometimes I have too much of the former.

  • What are your goals with your NA stories?
    To get published to the point where I’m making money in my sleep by having my book become a best seller.

  • Did you enter any NA stories into the Wattys this year?

Actually, yes. I entered Culinary Confessions into the Wattys so fingers crossed!

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I feel that heart :heart:

Fantasies are great!

NA is getting its feet. There’s a few NA stories featured in the Paid Stories! It’s starting to do well on Wattpad.



Isn’t it great that we all sorta fall into NA? It feels like a natural stepping stone, to me! I think a lot of us struggle with the overthinking, too. At least, I known I do!

And good luck with the Wattys! I’m really hoping to see more NA stories win this year!

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NA is a comfortable area to be! Just from that little pitch, your story sounds really cute!

What type of dialogue do you write? A lot of tags? I find if you do more cues, it can really help with the balance.

And good luck with the Wattys!

Third person point of view while also trying to make the dialogue flow naturally. And thank you :slight_smile:

I mean, do you use tags or cues?

Tags are things like “she saidl”

Cues would be a line of action or thought to show whose talking.

So tag:

“Wow,” she said. “Really?”


“Wow.” She gritted her teeth and rolled her eyes. This guy had some nerve messing with her. “Really?”

Oh, I use cues. Makes the story come alive more. :slight_smile:

Okay, good! That was going to be suggestion for balancing if you weren’t doing that already.

Thanks :slight_smile: