New Adult Writers

Is the “New Adult” genre dying or growing? Does anyone else write his?

I just realized I’ve written my current, and plan on writing my next two wattpad stories from this POV though I never have before. I always looked at them as more of a paranormal/real world fantasy.

Is anyone else an NA writer by accident?

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The age demographic is… Not very popular in traditional publishing, but it’s doing pretty well in self-publishing. And it’s doing very well here!

I write NA Dark Fantasy - and that was by accident. I didn’t realise there was something called NA before I read other New Adult works and realised this was the age category I had been missing in my life for so long.

What do you consider to be NA exactly? Just to clarify? In my opinion that is generally what I write…twenty something’s with problems and drug habits and sex…the usual. Other weird shit too, I guess. Lol. But, yeah, I would love some fellow NA writers to “buddy” with, just to exchange ideas and critique and stuff. If you’re interested? Lemme know, I’m new here, sooo, yeah!

New adult is 18+. First love, first job, the challenges facing young people trying to find their space in life.
If you are looking for buddies, critiquing etc, please check the Story Service Club.

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I didn’t know much about the NA genre ether until I was looking for more of a niche to fit my story into. Now I realize it’s the main category for my wattpad works.

My characters are newly 18 year olds finishing up their senior year in high school. In the interim due to death and abandonment, they are on their own to figure out life and are thrust into adulthood abruptly. I once wrote about a 26 year old, but this was thriller as he was already in an established relationship and well into the beginning of his career.

all of the stories that i’ve been writing are definitely more new adult than young adult since i find it more comfortable to write about my own age group (if that makes sense?)

It completely makes sense to write what you know best. But I’m older than NA so I guess I’m pulling more from memories than current trends. I also write in my own age group but for some reason my wattpad works are going better with the NA crowd.

I don’t know where exactly my story fits under, but I think it’s not actually YA as it contains some mature content and the MCs are 24+. My sister says it looks like YA but I think it’s more NA.

Just remember it’s an age category and not a genre, per se. Or an overall category. It’s very much like Adult, YA and MG. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I write about NA characters, but they’re in a supernatural (for lack of a better term)/romance/mystery plot.

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Based on the info you provided it’s just at the end of the NA category. I think a lot of people don’t know NA exists. Honestly I didn’t know what it was until about six months ago.

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What’s New Adult?

An age category like YA - but it’s for 18-25/30-year-olds. So that’s both kind of the target demographic and the age of the characters.

I write stories for everybody (not for kids however) for age 13+

Usually, in publishing you have different target demographics. It can be everything from age to genders.

Middle grade, YA, NA and Adult are one of those targets. Having one pinned down helps you promote and sell your product. On Wattpad it helps reigning in readers as they often look for specific things to match their tastes.

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What’s middle grade and YA?

I’m fairly new here

Middle grade is kids’ books. YA is basically teen fiction. So 13-17-year-olds.

I wrote one by accident. I made it YA until people pointed out my MC’s age (she’s 22).