new at this?



Hello there!


Just call me Az and I’m good.




Name is Jasmine and you can call me Jazz. I’m somewhat still new around here and trying to get use to this site.


It’s a nice little place! Hello, I’m Heather. Pleasure to meet you, Jazz.


Ooo thats a cool nick name xD


Hello Jazz!


Ah, many thanks and it’s a pleasure to meet you as well.
And yeah that nick name stuck with me everywhere I go xD.
It’s been years since I’ve been on a site like this.


Where were you all this time?


Meh, that’s a long story. Use to be on Fanfiction but then quit writing all together for a couple years. Then I discovered Wattpad and decided to give it a shot.


Understandable :slight_smile:


Just hoping I don’t give up on this site either. So far it seems okay.


I’m new here and would love if anyone could some helpful tricks to being a newer writer on this website? :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile:


Hello from the outside! ^-^


heyy <3 i am new here as well :heart:


Good morning all




Hi, how are you?


good, u?