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Hello! I’m thinking of writing a new book and I wanted to ask if there is a way to monetize it immediately in order to earn some money , or I have to get selected by wattpad. Thank you in advance!


I think you need to apply for that and have to be selected. And I think it only works for finished stories I believe

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If you’re talking about Paid stories, you have to selected by Wattpad to be a paid author.

If you want to earn money, your best way is to set up a Patreon account or something like that or to self publish.


Tell me more about Patreon? haha


:sweat_smile: I don’t have one but I’m aware of the option. I’ve been thinking of getting myself.

It’s like a gofundme page. People pay you in return for bonus or behind the scenes content.

If you want one, you need:

  1. An audience that’s willing to support you
  2. A strong brand
  3. Good marketing/promotion strategy

Again I don’t have experience in this; I’m just passing along what I’ve picked on the forums.

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ah wow xD

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Yup, you need to be dedicated to writing if you want to be paid for it. Otherwise, who’s going to pay for an uncompleted project?

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very true, it’s just that I’d like to know as much as I can, I’m far near done, but a girl can dream xD


If you go to Patreon .com, they have a blog for people interested in a patreon account. That might help you better than I can.

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Thank you! ^^

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Welcome :smile:

This is the most important aspect of Patreon. You cannot build a community there, it’s not for growth, it’s about monetizing your existing platform. If you have 10k followers you can expect a small percentage to pledge to you - it’s a very hard platform to actually get anywhere with. I have some months where I have no income from it, others where I have $500/month.

A Ko-fi tends to be a better place for people without an existing fanbase - no monthly commitment.


Hi there!

To be part of Paid you have to be approved by Wattpad, and I do believe one of the requirements is to be a Wattpad Star (though apparently it is possible without this). You can see the post by Nick regarding requirements here: Requirements for Paid Stories

I hope this helps!


In addition to Paid on Wattpad, and Patreon, there’s also Substack, Radish, Curious Fictions, Steem, WebNovel, SerialBox, and so many more. Lots of people want to get paid to write fiction.


Allright, never heard of those hahaha, newbie talking

I suspect that paid online serialization is a growing market. eBooks and Audiobooks are already locked down, with the Amazon monopoly in control. eBooks began their gold rush in 2012, and it’s at peak gold rush/saturation point right now. But serialization is still a frontier.

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Thank you very much for your answer. So there isn’t any way of putting ads either unless being selected by wattpad?

Ads like the notifications Wattpad sends to us? No.

The ‘ads’ you’re allowed to do is in the Share Your Story threads, reading requests, and contests.

Inkitt offers an interesting one that doesn’t require readers to pay for the stories. They pay you based off of your reads, but the story remains free.

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