New book coming in two months


So my new book is out on the 28th of July and I’m looking for some help and feedback from anybody.

This is the idea/plot of the story -

Arizona is in her early 30s, has a 3 year old daughter Arya and meets Jesse online, he has 2 twin boys Cal and Daniel who are both 7 years old. They talk online for a few months and never meet in person.

However, Arizona and Arya were abused by her ex and go to a phycastict to get help with their trauma, the Dr they see is called Ethan and the practise is ran by Jesse and Ethan together.

So, Arizona meets Ethan. Not Jesse. Even though it’s Jesse that she is talking to. Ethan only helps her so much, Jesse helps her the most by doing it online, and her daughter is the one who needs even more help only being 3 years old.

Ethan has to support her, because she doesn’t really understand what her father did to her and her mom, why he did it, why he was sent away etc…


Jesse, he lost his wife when his sons were only toddlers and has grown to be a single father with the help from Ethan. He finds Arizona online and wants to find a mother for his twin boys who are now asking questions that he doesn’t know how to answer.

Arizona still being too scared to meet, they don’t just yet. While they are still talking online, Cal, the youngest twin is calling for his mom in the night, telling Jesse that she is still with them, even though she is dead.

Jesse has to try and work out how to help him, and Ethan refers him to the hospital, to his friend a Dr there Steffen and his wife who works with children. While at the hospital he bumps into Arizona, but doesn’t know her as she is dressed in her work uniform, he has only seen her profile pic.

I don’t plan on having them recognising and fully meeting until the end of the season.

My problem -

  • I don’t know how to add facts about Cal and Arya’s symptoms to conversations between Steffen and Jesse and Arizona and Ethan.

  • I don’t know how to add the fact that they are to have different lives but the same journey.

  • I don’t know how to keep them from not engaging with each other before the end of the season.

  • I don’t know how to get Jesse’s son Cal and Arizona’s daughter the help they need because I’ve never been through the experience.

I’m not sure what you mean by your story is coming out in July. Do you mean your story is published and that’s when it launches? If so, it would already be locked for print long ago so you wouldn’t be making these changes. Really if it’s already going to launch, I’m a bit confused how I’ll help since it already exists.

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The book is coming out in July. 15th of July to be exact. I have two books on WP already based on the same journey from different POV’s.

However, this one is two POV together in one book.

If it’s already being released then I’m not sure how I can help affect it. This is a pitch workshop where people bring prospective stories and ideas for content they have yet to start or just started. A finished story is more a case of editing and tweaking but if it’s already scheduled for release, you don’t tend to edit it. Slated for release means it’s done entirely.