New categories


While the focus should be on Improve Your Writing, it was too distracting for new people to come in and NOT see typical clubs here so I’ve added some so this ‘feels’ more like clubs to everyone


I wanna make such a good looking website/app one day like you do :slight_smile:


Most of the wonderful-ness comes from Discourse software! I am merely an enabler :slight_smile: Plus…still a ways to go! <3 :barnaby: but thank you, i’m honored! :wattpad:


What’s left for us to test on here?




Fake SYS threads?


ehhh, i have a lot of questions around SYS. like, do we need to make sure that stories are ONLY shared there…?


Ah, I see what you mean.


I’m torn on the SYS threads these days honestly. Back when there was a SYS club, it was a complete and utter cesspool. A mess. A disaster. So I was all for shutting them down. But I’m not entirely sure the SYS threads really work. When I first started out I got about 8K reads off being one of those cesspool SYS club members ROFL but the SYS threads… I really don’t know they work.

However, if you don’t have a SYS thread then it opens the door to people spamming the clubs like crazy for reads. Hell they already do it now even with the SYS threads. So I really don’t know what to do about them that would both keep spammers down, but also make them actually be effective methods of advertising. Right now the only people who visit the sys threads are people who advertise, i don’t think too many people go there to read. So I wonder how can we make them more active in drawing readers to shop there?


good point–ideally i envision future SYS as some sort of model where people have to read another person’s story in order to share their own so there’s at least some reciprocity happening between writers


The downside to that is that yeah you get a read, but it’s not a genuine read. It’s someone being forced to read something they may not have otherwise read. I can’t speak for everyone but I’d rather people read my book because they want to, not because they have to in order to advertise their own book. It would turn the SYS thread into nothing but a read for read thread.


Ah, I see, good point…


That’s why i have zero clue as to what might make the SYS threads actually be functional. I can think of all the reasons why something can’t work, but can’t think of a single suggestion that could work. It’s going to be a tough fix.


I love the new categories. I think this is going to help manage where everything is getting posted and the purpose for said posts. It’s looking really great! Plus, like you said, people can start finding their tribe to help continue genre conversations and writing topics.


Random idea suggestion. In the drop down menu where you see all the forums and the number of topics there, would it be possible to add something like “New x=#” That way from the drop down you could get an idea if there’s anything new to that forum since you’re last visit? Not sure if that would really be helpful or not but it was a thought to test out if it’s doable. I know some of the less active forums it would be nice to know not to bother visiting if there’s nothing new since my last visit.


I believe in preferences > interface you can choose to show new/updated in browser which might be similar to what you’re asking ---- I think you can also subscribe to topics which would load them for you. I know what you’re saying though…there’s A LOT to check


In the current forums, it’s the only place to advertise your story. It isn’t functional and I’m not sure how it could be functional, but it works better than the SYS club which was a disaster, even though some people still think it was amazing.

I’d love to have more sub catagories, but I understand too many would be disfunctional as well :confused:


Yeah it notifies me when there’s updates view my little profile icon. Just thought it might be useful to see it in the drop down too. Right now we get Site feedback x13 to mean there’s 13 topics here, but might be useful to also see how many are new topics. Might also be completely not useful :laughing: Was just a thought


I’m in the same boat. The sys threads need fixing to actually get readers in them instead of just writers advertising, but damned if I can think of how.


Showing new topics would be useful, good suggestion :smiley:

My brain hurts thinking about it :confused: But yeah, it would be nice to get more readers in there. Should probably offer virtual cookies for a start :stuck_out_tongue: