New chapters not showing up for readers on app


My apologies if this is already a topic somewhere I’ve searched the first few pages but couldn’t find it.

Anyway, the last few weeks I noticed more and more of my readers asking me when the hell I’m going to update in a comment below a previous chapter, while the newest chapter is already up (for example: My book has currently 9 chapters, the last one being updated this Wednesday. However, this morning a reader asked below chapter 8 why the new chapter wasn’t up yet).

I know you can relog to resync your library on the android app, but I feel like a lot of my readers don’t know this and they will have the misunderstanding that there are no new chapters for them to read, while there clearly are. Please fix this synchronization problem. I don’t know if iOS has the same issue, but it’s really annoying and prevents people from properly reading my latest update when it comes out. It also causes people to read ‘old’ versions of the chapter you updated and has left me with several cases of readers correcting typos that I already corrected myself.

I also constantly have to relog after posting a chapter to be able to see it out of draft mode and click the comments (because you can’t click them if your chapter is in draft mode even though it’s not a draft anymore and people already are commenting).

I’ve had these sync issues ever since I joined Wattpad last year, but lately it seems to be more frequent and it’s actually affecting my reader base significantly.


Whenever you update, write a comment on your wall stating your book has just been updated with a link to the new chapter and click the ‘notify all readers’.

I’m not sure why the issue is happening, but this should help make your readers more aware that there’s been an update.


I have the same issue. I always have to relog to get new updates for my books and books I’m reading. Even when I update my stories, it doesn’t show up for me unless I relog.


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It’s a Known Issue and the Wattpad staff are working on it. You can read this article for more info-

You can read this article for more info -

You can read this article for more info -


I have the same problem, but with my own phone, not readers. When I or other people update anything on, it takes days for the updates to show up on my phone. I know there have been updates because I can see them on my laptop, but on my phone, the latest chapter is just gone. I have uninstalled and re-installed the app multiple times with no luck. Is there any other fix to this?


It’s a Known Issue and the team at Wattpad are working on it. You can read this article for more info-


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Hey Nablai, the issues you linked are different issues than what I described. This is about new chapters not appearing in the book for readers after they have been published. So for example I publish chapter 10, a reader gets an announcement (or they don’t since that’s apparently also an issue), clicks on my book and cant get further than chapter 9 unless they relog. I’ve often had readers ask me ‘where is your update? It has been a week!’ when i updated a few days ago. So, this is not about stories in search results, not about announcement notifications or about library content missing or stories not showing on the profile.


If you’re having issues with something that is not listed in the ‘known issue’ section of support, you’re best off submitting a Ticket so that Wattpad are aware of the issue.

If there is no information on the Support page to help you, you should always submit a ticket in case it is a problem Wattpad are unaware of.


I’ve already submitted tickets about this months ago, but it’s not getting solved (like pretty much all of the bugs I report through support). I’m also a little tired of having to fight my way through 5000 automated responses before my report actually reaches a person that knows what they are talking about.


Hey! I’ll be moving this to the Cafe since this isn’t feature feedback/feature request related, but if you could send in a ticket to Support, I’ll be happy to investigate this further! :blush:

You can send one in here!

And if you have any questions, let me know.



If you could have responded to the auto reply giving the details of your report, the T&S would have gotten back to you. They always reply to every response :slight_smile:


I did, and then I get someone from customer service who copy pastes something from the script they are following. WP support is clearly outsourced to students or other employees that don’t use the website themselves at all. A while back I filed a report for a website breaking bug that a lot of people were dealing with (the comments disappearing when you tried to post them, having to retype them) and after I fought my way through all the automated responses, I got a ‘personal’ response from a customer service employee asking me if I had tried reinstalling the app :’). This is why I have lost my faith in the support system a long time ago, because your cry for help really doesn’t reach the people who actually can do something about it.

I worked in customer service with an external company myself, I know how it works. The people who reply to your support tickets don’t have a clue about what’s going on or what you are talking about. The responses I’m getting here from Gabby and other people also clearly show that they didn’t really read this topic, n’or my complaint. They are just copy pasting their script and literally telling me to file a support ticket while I already said I did that multiple times and it didn’t change anything. It’s like I’m talking to a bunch of robots responding to keywords instead of someone who’s actually listening and showing some understanding about the situation (either this one or all the other issues I’ve reported before both through support or the forums).


You would have got an auto-reply. That’s normal. All of us get auto-replies when we report glitches/bugs. You can read Gavin’'s post about auto-response in another thread-

I’m afraid that I absolutely disagree with you here. The Wattpad Support team is made up of a group of dedicated people who are passionate users of Wattpad and have expertise and experience in their related fields of work. They genuinely care for Wattpad and the community. They are also aware of the technical issues the site faces. I’m afraid sometimes things aren’t an easy fix. Otherwise you wouldn’t have staff like @gabby responding to you.

They have to test out things to see if they can work out what’s wrong. The answers then inform the tech folks if the issue is one account related or across all platforms.
They really do reach out to help with solutions. Count on that.

You could have also pasted screenshots of the multiple tickets along with what browser you’re using in the Support ticket giving all the evidence/details of your past reports.

They are lovely human-beings like you and me who really really care for Wattpad and the community. They do listen, understand and try their best to help. Please give them a chance to prove themselves.

P.S: I’m not staff nor ambassador, just someone trying to understand and help you :slight_smile:


Hey there,

I’m really sorry you feel that way! We usually recommend troubleshooting steps as a first response because often a lot of small bugs can be fixed with the updated version of the app. If you mention that you’ve already tried troubleshooting steps, this is a way for us to know not to recommend them!

As for asking to send in a ticket, I do this because there’s a lot more information we’d need to make a report to escalate this to developers. We have an escalation process in place (depending on factors like is it reproducible, how many Wattpadders have sent in tickets, how much of a blocker is this from the Wattpad experience (log in issues vs reading list issues, etc)) and having that information is important for us to get an issue on the road to being solved. Again, I’m sorry if it seemed I was minimizing the situation or ignoring the problem, I’m just recommending a support ticket as this is the fastest way to get a response and the fastest way for the issue to eventually getting solved!

Promise, not a robot! I’ve been a Wattpadder since 2014 actually, and have been using the platform pretty faithfully since then, so I understand where you’re coming from. I’m actually the person who answers writing related issues, so if you send in a ticket, I’m the one that’ll be answering!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. And again, I’m sorry that you haven’t been happy with your Support experience. I’ve made note of your feedback and hopefully we can do better in the future!