Hey fellow writers!

As I’ve seen others do this before, I wanted to open up a new read for read group, offering my book. Uncomplicated and easy : )
I definitely know the struggle of getting the first couple of reads on your book – we’re all in the same boat!

I offer:
You will be given my honest and hopefully constructive feedback on up to 3 chapters, depending on the length + extra comments here and there. 5 slots open for now!

In return:
Please read two parts* (or however much you want) of your choice from my book A Story Of Irene Rosier and provide constructive criticism and additional comments on the plot if you like (showing that you’ve actually read it).

What I’m looking for:
Well-written books with less than 1K reads—preferably Fantasy but I’m not opposed to try something new.

What I’m NOT looking for:

  1. Smut and disreputable content (like explicit sex scenes)
  2. Content promoting abuse, pedophilia, violence etc. (Note: it’s fine if it’s appearing somewhere in the story unless you’re glorifying alike behaviour)

Please also note that I have the right to reject any book, so don’t proceed with return service until I accept.

Fill out to apply:

  • Cover:
  • User/author:
  • Title:
  • Genre:
  • Plot:
  • Requested Chapters for review:
  • Link:

Excited to hear about your stories!


*I devided each chapter into two parts because they are so lengthy. You will see what I mean : )


Hi! So I have a book with six parts, would love to take your offer! Although I have to say I don’t know what you meant by smut, I hope is not something like my book.

Cover: Final%20Cover%20(3)

Author: @eliyeda
Title: Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind
Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance/Mental Health
Plot: Ivryl “Ivy” Tesla is perfectly happy in her colorful little world which involves a stable and predictable routine, her twin and older brothers, and her two best friends from infancy. There’s the occassional darkness, but with Gabe, Dami, Mav and Ry by her side, she can overlook the darkness lurking in the shadows of her crystal globe. They are all she ever wanted, all she could ever care for and all she could ever need. That is, until one night she is saved by an unknown stranger.

Once Ivy acknowledges Liam Price’s existence in her perfect little world, she witnesses how little by little her crystal globe starts to shatter. She resists, but he is persistent. He purposely forces himself into her world, and soon she finds out that it was not as perfect or colorful as she had believed it to be.

In the end, Liam might just be the one to uncover her deepest secrets and darkest demons, but also, the only one who could force her into a world of the brightest colors… A world she didn’t even know it existed inside her mind… inside her own heart.

Requested Chapters: Prologue-Chapter 4 (five parts) If you like it, then until chapter 5, which is what I have pubished so far.

Thank you!


Title: The Game
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: In a place called The Dust Clan a girl named Claire Frost, life is forever changed when her name is entered in The Calling. Now it is up to her to try and keep herself and her family alive. Claire will have to make some of the hardest decisions in her life if she wants to live. She will soon learn how far one person is willing to go to survive.
PSA: It is mature only for the profanity. It does get a little bloody at times so beware!!!
Chapters: Which ever one needs it the most or you decide.
Payment: I’ll take a look at your book tomorrow.


Thanks for applying.
Let’s do 4 parts for 4 parts since yours are incredibly long :wink:
I’ll read Prologue to Chapter 3. (4 parts)
From my book, I would suggest you read Chapter One I – Chapter Two II (4 parts as well)

I’ll get it done within the next couple of days!


I’ll review all of your chapters.
You can pick whichever you want to read or how far. Mine are a bit longer than yours so it’s entirely up to you.

I’ll get it done within the next couple of days!

Thank you!


will do!


Title: Ungodly
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Chapters: 5 (you can decide which chapters to review!)
Description: What would you do if you were given a second chance?

Follow Mercy as she goes through loss, hardship, and pain that comes with loving someone. All she ever wanted was to live an average life, with loving parents and friends. But instead fate had another plan for her. She is not what she thinks she is, nothing around her is what it seems like. Every step she makes is being watched by many. Waiting for her to fail, to lose herself once more. Join her as she travels to the past and learns about herself.

Is she going to make the same mistakes as before? Is everything going to repeat itself? Would she able to love the God of Darkness?

The old fat woman led her to a room occupied with kids mingling with each other. Every step they took the floor would cry. Some steps louder than others. That’s when she saw him. A boy with skin as pale as the moon. Haunting blue eyes, hair as black as night. He did not belong here.

He was reading on a worn out love couch. As if sensing someone’s stare he looked upwards and saw Mercy. She froze, he was staring back at her. His gaze so intense she felt that he was staring into her psyche. Going through her memories, learning about her. For the second time that day she was affrighted. She moved her gaze from him back to the woman that had let her in. She turned to face Mercy with the same look on her face as before. “My name is Umbridge, I will be your caretaker. Stay here and socialize with the other children. I will be upstairs setting up a room for you.” All Mercy could do was nod and watched as the matron left.



Done reviewing all your chapters! I hope you found some helpful tips :wink:


Hello, I have a book that I’ve been writing to spread awareness on depression and anxiety. It’s a first person story of a boy living in the Apocalypse and struggles with disconnection from humanity and when finally meeting others he begins to display social anxiety and depression. I am hoping this can relate to many people and that it can make others feel understood at least to an extent. Please let me know what you think about my emotional depth in my select three chapters. Feel free to read my story and give me your own opinion on my plot development and character build. Or I can give you a full synopsis of my story including spoilers for what I have planned for my ending.

These chapters depict the turning point in my main character who is attempting suicide. Please let me know how you felt reading this and if it is good in your perspective.

Title: Post-Apocalyptic Paradise

Genre: Sci-fi/Horror

Chapters: 37, 38, 39.



Uuuh the God of Darkness! Sounds mega interesting!!
I’ll review all your uploaded chapters within the next couple of days
: )
Let me know which chapters you want to pick from mine


I’m reading all of your chapters! Big Harry Potter fan here!!



User: RosesPaintedRed

Title: Casting Flames

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: Growing up in a town where people fight their neighbors for food, seventeen-year-old Emery has no problem painting her fists with blood to keep her family fed and safe. But when her little sister Ella gets sick and there’s no medicine on earth that can save her, Emery lowers her fists and turns to her magic for the first time in her life.

Ever since the Casters came out of hiding, healed the dying earth, and took over half the planet; magic has been illegal in North America. Emery knew she would be sent to prison for Casting. But she didn’t know that Jackson, the cunning and ambitious Commander, was searching for someone just like her to join the secret army of half-blood Casters.

He wants her to fight with magic in the War against the Casters to protect their home, and he’s willing to give her anything to do it. But she only wants her sister safe, something she risks every time a spell touches her lips.

Emery agrees to fight only with the intention to run. But as she plans her escape and she and the Commander grow closer, the harder it becomes to deny the truth: She can’t turn secrets to ash. She can’t hide from the Casters forever. And she definitely can’t allow herself to fall in love.

Chapters: 2-6



Hi Alex,
This sounds beyond interesting. I’m going to put it onto my list and give you my feedback as soon as I can!

If you would please read my Prologue and Chapter One I & II.

Thank you!


Approved! : )
I’ll review the five chapters of yours.

Will you please check out four parts of mine: Chapter One I & II and Chapter Two I & II
Thank you!




hi! would you accept my book even if it has over 1k reads (1072, specifically)?


Yeah, that’s still fine. Keep the application coming :wink:

  • Cover:
  • User/author: @infiorescent
  • Title: What the Morning Brings
  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Plot: 15-year-old Ori is an average small-town boy. Or so he thought, until a strange circus appears in his backyard. Accepting an acrobat’s invitation to join the Cirque de Reverie, he is swept up in a whirlwind of wonder. Unbeknownst to him, the circus is not what it seems, and something dark lurks beneath its golden surface.

Before, there are two sisters. When one runs away, the younger girl grapples with the grief and secrets her sister left behind. Something tugs on her heart, forcing her to follow in her sister’s steps, and it is up to her to find a way to save her before it’s too late. But in a circus that thrives on magic, mystery, and manipulation, that task might just be monumental.

Ori wants to break free, but the circus is not so willing to let him slip through its fingers. Freedom comes at a cost, and the price is paid by both friends and foes. Can he escape what has been set in the stars, or will he be trapped in the circus’ snare forever?


If you’re still considering stories I’d love if you took a look at mine!

  • Cover:
  • User/author: HunterBennet
  • Title: In This Together
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Plot:
    Every monster story you’ve ever been told is based in reality.

After multiple run-ins with the paranormal, brothers Delaney and Luke, along with friend Ryan, find themselves teaming up with a band of monster hunters to take down what goes bump in the night. Conflict arises causing the groups to split paths after a disagreement over how they should be executing not only the monsters, but their main quest: securing the three spell stones that when combined, grant a user the ability to raise the dead.

If you could bring someone that you loved back from the dead, wouldn’t you try?


Okay thanks