New Fantasy & Sci-Fi writers looking for constructive feedback? I'll read your stories!

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Hi, I’m new to Wattpad and am interested in reading stories from fellow Fantasy/Sci-Fi writers, especially if you are also new to Wattpad (joined in 2019) and/or your story/stories have less than 500-1,000 reads. I love discussing writing craft with fellow writers, so I am particularly interested in Fantasy/Sci-Fi writers who are looking for constructive feedback on their stories. (I used to work as a writing tutor and proofreader, and I miss having writing feedback discussions with people. That’s one of the reasons I’m here on Wattpad now.)

So, feel free to send me your Fantasy/Sci-Fi adventures for feedback! Bonus points if you’re trying to build a complex magical world after the fashion of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones, Mortal Instruments, or anything by Stephen Lawhead. Mature content is fine, although I may not be the best reader for any stories involving abusive relationships or behavior because I just don’t like that in my fiction. (I refused to read Outlander because the main relationship quickly became what I would term abusive.)

Also, as much as I am really really looking forward to reading your stories, please keep in mind that I am a writer, too, and have 4 manuscripts of my own that I’m working on. I’ll add your stories to my reading list and get to them ASAP, I promise! Newer writers with fewer reads may get priority, since I know there’s a lot of material out there on Wattpad and it’s hard to get your stories noticed at first. I want to support these new/undiscovered writers!


I have a short story (5,000 words) if you want to give some feedback. It’s on a word limit crunch right now- and I hope to expand it after the contest its in is over- so I’d love to see areas where it’s a little lacking in details. It is a spin off of my other novel here- so it has a big complex world presented at a quick pace and I am sure there are places it could be expanded for people who haven’t read the full novel ^^
Full novel has over 1000 reads so I’m not gonna present that one C:

The Story of Us


*Heavy LGBTQ themes. No mature content though.

Thanks! Looking forward to reading it!

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Thank you! I look forward to and preemptively appreciate your feedback! :heart:

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Hiya! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I recently started writing this Fantasy novel, and would love some feedback on it! :smiley:

I’m TRYING to build a complex magical world like Game of Thrones, so there’s a lot more to come! (So far there’s only one chapter, but I’ve got the plot mapped out and will post regular updates)

Each chapter will be told from a different character’s perspective, and I can assure you, there is so much more to come :smiley:

Ashemire is a united realm no longer. Divided into glorified kingdoms, conflict is brewing as each seek out immeasurable power. Treachery, revenge, war and scheming is in the air.

One thing is for certain, not everyone will live to tell the tale.

Here’s the story link!

I have a light-hearted LGBT fantasy romance. I hope you enjoy it!

Sun And Shadow


Goofy boys guard sheep and fail catastrophically to communicate in pseudo-ancient Greece: a romcom.

It’s not fun to be the twin brother of the most beautiful woman in the world. Lysandros, junior Prince of Chaldis, could tell you that much. It’s even less fun when when an arrogant warrior comes seeking Phoibe’s hand and decides to cozy up to him to get it.

But when Niketas turns out to be a suspiciously more-than-alright fella who grows on him like mold? That’s probably an appropriate time to stop talking about fun and start shaking his fist at the gods, because what else can you do in the face of fate and glory?

If you like sunny stories, semi-accurate Greek mythology rehashed beyond all hope, or characters desperately trying to comprehend one another, this is the novella for you!

Sun And Shadow is already fully written and will be updated weekly. You can find it at

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I have a short sci-fi/steampunk story.

Blurb: Astrifer is a man who lives and breathes for science and new inventions. He gets kicked out of his family home because his career choice wasn’t in accordance with the family’s wishes. It’s tough to start a new business but, an ultimate automaton contest gives him a chance to take a quick, sudden breakthrough in his career. Things don’t go as planned and the automatons start acting strangely…


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hey there, if you are a fan of dark fantasy then you’ll love:


The Vangen have served the Contanis Empire faithfully for nearly three centuries. Hand picked from foreign lands, men of the Vangen hold no political ties, agendas or creeds except to the Emperors and Empresses who sit upon the Onyx Throne. They are vanguards, protectors, loyalists.

They are the Vangen Royal Guard.

As the officers of the Vangen lay siege to the lands of the Oriens, a letter is received bearing the seal of the Empress. Contained within are orders that are as simple as they are direct. Take the hill and return home. As to why, the Empress does not say, but with their loyalty bound to those who sit upon the Onyx Throne, the decree leaves nothing for debate.

What trouble then has stirred within the Capital that leaves her orders so vague? As more becomes clear with time, loyalties are questioned and a black tide turns. Will the Vangen stand to fight another day or fall forgotten to history?

Interested? Click here to check it out!

edit: btw you are awesome.

Wow, your request fits my WIP almost perfectly! Hope you enjoy the read :slight_smile:

Trigger warning for heavy themes such as depression and suicide.

It’s a fantasy novel that follows a young peasant girl who undergoes a depressive crisis, attempts suicide, and is saved by the prince of the kingdom, who also finds out she has magical ability. But they’re still in danger. It also focuses on the capital where political entities make moves to garner power, or undermine the current monarchy. I try to give it more of a focus on characters.

What could a Demon possibly fear?

Kyrael, a brilliant but lonely lowborn girl, succumbs to the inner darkness that convinces her life is not worth living. As she falls, Prince Astor, the future king of the kingdom of Alain, appears in her remote town and saves her from herself, but discovers that she has magical ability, inadvertently embroiling her in the machinations of Alain’s numerous enemies.

Heroes will rise, sacrifices will be made, and families will be destroyed.
All for the sake of the Cobalt Crown.


“Do you believe in Lady Destiny dear friend? That she sees the people walking on this measly world and gives them greater purpose?”
“Well, the lady seems to find a liking in Maniacs that’s for sure.”
“Right, you liked to use that word didn’t you?”

After (begrudgingly) taking his vacation, Drake thought that this year would be just as usual as the others. To his not so happy surprise however, the Umbra Mage was very wrong this time around.
An old Ruin is found in the desert and their Researchers can’t explain why and how it suddenly appeared, not having one clue about its origin. Concurrently, new Trainees are coming in and Drake is appointed Mentor to two teenagers, letting them become his newest Headache of the week as he tries to mentor them the best way he can.
With all that on the horizon, what adventure awaits this group? Well, there is only one way you can find it out, so go for it!
Have fun delving into a world full of Magic and (hopefully) interesting new People!

While this story may not be completed (but regularly updates) I am trying to build a wide Magic World after the example of some of my most liked books and games. A bit of feedback since I am still getting started would be helpful :smile:


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Hi there! I started writing on here a year ago so I’m still fairly new! My Fantasy book “Chasing Beasts” has 2,500 reads and “Cyra” has less than 1,000 (Cyra definitely needs a lot of polishing)! I love meeting other Fantasy lovers on here, so feel free to message me anytime! My stories are YA and NA so they are not mature!


After a powerful beast destroys Sonya’s village she must build herself a new life and face the creature once more.

On the continent of Neria, massive beasts called “Burrowers” travel underground, breaking up out of the ground to decimate entire civilizations. Villagers draw their last breaths choked by smoke, splintered between bloodied teeth, and buried under crumbled debris.

Although Sonya is a talented archer, when a burrower claims her village as its next prey there’s nothing she can do to stop it. Everyone she’s ever known and cared for dies and she barely escapes into the forest with her bow, a map, and her pet Leeka. Sonya finds her way to Ceran, a village of new beginnings, in hopes that she can earn a living and find a new place to call home. But making a new life proves more difficult than Sonya imagined. The best money in Ceran is made by becoming a “Chaser,” or a beast hunter, and fighting monsters is extremely dangerous.

This time, when Sonya faces the same creature that demolished her world, there is no escape; she must either be strong enough to defeat it or die trying.


Read Here:


When Cyra wakes up trapped in the body of a snow leopard, she struggles to find a way to be “normal” while also being a shapeshifter.

Cyra has a caring Nana who probably makes the best pies in the universe, a best friend that she’s secretly in love with, and she can’t wait to get out of high school and enjoy the college life. Even though her parents passed away when she was younger, she’s keeping her head up.
However, Cyra’s perfect world comes crashing down when she has a terrible nightmare and wakes up in an animal body. Unfortunately for Cyra, a powerful group of hunters seek out shapeshifters. Forced to flee her home, Cyra heads to a hidden village in the woods to reunite with the parents she thought were dead.
Navigating this quirky new world where berries give people superpowers, students transform into animals, different species of shapeshifters have different “life mates,” and hunters hide behind every corner, Cyra strives to find a way to make her crazy new life feel normal.

Read Here:

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Got it, thank you!

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Thank you so much, it means a lot :slight_smile: :heart:

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Here’s mine. It’s a recently completed romance with supernatural and fantasy elements. Also it’s inspired by Hades and Persephone. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to stop by and drop some comments in the story and let me know your thoughts!


Title: Blood of Darkness
Genre: Romance
Completed: Yes

Summary: Inspired by Hades and Persephone

“Sometimes death isn’t the end. Sometimes people come back.”


Selena Silvers is an ordinary girl who loves to paint. She goes to school and works at a bookshop in Blackfell. Pretty ordinary. Except for two tiny details. One, she has an extraordinary ability to feel the emotions of those around her. Two, almost every night when she closes her eyes, she sees a gorgeous man with hair as black as night and eyes as gray as the sea after a storm. The problem is that she has no idea who he is or even if he’s real. Will she ever find out? And what other secrets are hiding in the darkness of the night?


Damien Drake is the eldest of the six Drake siblings and is forced to take the throne after his Father is murdered. Oh and the fun part? He’s a vampire surrounded by all the darkness that comes with being one. Dealing with loss has never been Damien’s strong suit and he’s gotten to a point where he forces himself to bury all of his emotions deep down and builds his walls up so high. Will his siblings or anyone else be able to reach him? And will he ever defeat the person responsible for his Father’s death?


Rated mature due to possible graphic content (it’s due to some violent scenes, I don’t think they’re that graphic, but I’d rather be safe than sorry)

Also Book 2 of this series is currently out and it’s complete, it’s called Soul of Shadows, but be sure to read Blood of Darkness first!

Book 3 of the series is also out and is a work in progress, it’s called Heart of Radiance, but be sure to read Blood of Darkness and Soul of Shadows before checking out Heart of Radiance!


Title: The Black Forest

Status: is a completed novel and being updated regularly every Friday

Age: YA+

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure


When Hazen Solvaya and her parents travel to Hornberg, Germany to visit family, she has no idea that her arrival will set in motion a thousand-year-old prophecy.

With the prophecy set in motion, Hazen is ripped away from everything she’s ever known and thrust into a war-ridden land, with death ever-present.

As Hazen journeys the world of the Black Forest to the elves of Casvara, she is faced with the knowledge that Ezra-- a fallen elf corrupted by demons, wants nothing more than to see her dead.

She must discover who and what she is in order to survive. Before the darkness consumes not only her but the lives around her.

Her fate, and the future of everyone rest on her shoulders. As the dragon inside awakens, and the final battle awaits on the horizon.

Thank you for offering up this service :heart: We all appreciate it

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Di is whisked away to fulfill a prophecy with her husband. Matis is trying to fulfill the quest he was given. Prince Quo really just came for fun, but maybe he will learn something along the way. Follow their quest as they encounter pirates, sirens, elves and more!'s-note

Still under 1,000😂 hopefully I’ll still be qualified when you get to mine, if you get to mine. I love feedback.

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Almost one-thousand years in the future, where war has ravaged the world and left only a few survivors to develop a new world called Mesantis, stability has finally been achieved in a once overpopulated, crime-ridden world.

Mattae is a typical, 17-year old boy, living almost three centuries after the Great War, is part of this newly created utopian world.

Life seems perfect, everybody has ambition and purpose. It would seem that a perfect society has finally been achieved. But Mattaes indecisiveness and inability to fit into this society leads him down

a dark and dangerous path. Not only uncovering the

secrets behind the supposedly perfect city,

but also discovering the truth as to what brought

humanity to its knees.

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I’ve got a bunch of stories all within different fantasy worlds.

Do you read fanfiction at all?

I started this story for a series of writing prompts so each chapter had to work standalone. Now that the contest is over, I want to fix the chapters so it reads smoother as a cohesive story but I find it hard to be objective.
I’d love to get feedback on it.
Give me your worst criticism. I can take it.

The Beast of Knockturn Alley

Hello there!

Thank you so much for this thread! I’m leaving the link to my novel, it’s still a work in progress, but having a constructive feedback would be amazingly appreciated!

The main story is composed by 11 chapters + prologue and glossary (this helps building up my world which is very complex.

Also, how can I follow you here on Wattpad?

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