New Feature!! - Main Characters List

Well, friends, it looks like Wattpad may be trying on a new feature!

Currently, it appears unavailable in the app (sad day) but online, when you click on works, you can now add Main Characters! I’m unsure if this is just beta or for everyone, but it appears for everyone.

What’s your thoughts on it and the experience?

Personally, I’m loving it so far!! I only have two questions for whoever is in charge of this change:

  • Where do readers view these lists? And will we get this feature on the app soon?

Hm. I hadn’t noticed it until I saw this post. I’m not exactly sure what it’s for, but I added mine, lol


I’m not seeing anything, unless I’m missing it.

EDIT: NVM found it under story details

Interesting. I’m not quite sure what it’s for, as it says your readers can’t see the list.


It’s in story details on web.

I just noticed it two seconds ago lol Thanks though

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Yeah, i had mentioned I to a while back in one of their questionnaires but I was hoping it would be like a character list for readers to see. Much like a cast list but without celebrities, etc.


I’m unsure what the function of this is. I clicked the info bar, and.

This information will not be shown to your readers. Instead, this information will be used to help Wattpad more easily discover your story.

I wonder if this is a new workaround for cast pages and stuff. Who knows.


How does it help story discoverability??? I’d much rather it have a simple purpose like: letting readers see who’s in the story.

Is simplicity too much to ask Wattpad???

(Tbh, i feel this tho, simplicity is kinda hard sometimes)


No idea. The support page for this says it will help Wattpad to build ways to help visualize your characters and explore your story in the future. So, maybe for getting rid of cast pages and sort of some Schrivener thing where we can click on a character in future and it’ll show us the visuals, like some sort of new cast page deal? I have no idea.


Me either, the support page just kinda gave me a vague idea but unfortunately it wasn’t the idea I’d originally proposed.

Regardless, i like that the feature exists, I simply wish it would be simplified into a Main Character cast list for readers to click on, maybe even something with images, maybe not. Plain and simple.

This is the thread they posted about the 3 new options earlier.


Thank you!

At the moment, the main character list does nothing according to a staff member. In the future, it might have more information we can put in for the character.

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I feel like it needs a lot of improvement because right now I think this feature is only useful for fanfiction tbh. It should be available to readers and should include images.


I actually didn’t see it, but I don’t I’ll use it :confounded: I often skip all the characters list because I can’t remember avalanches of names. I prefer a gradual introduction :smile::relieved:

Oh O.o Maybe I need to get up and check this out

Ah fudge. This is interesting enough to leave my comfy nest.

I don’t really see the point, because you could just write a list in the first chapter of the story if you wanted to. Online there has been the ability to add a cast for years, but it hasn’t been implemented on the app. Can’t say I will use the new features much. There are other things I’d rather see.

Yes I’ve added my character cast via desktop Wattpad but I still put an extra part in my book where I put the character cast (including the photos) so app user can see the visual my character cast. Actually I’m not that excited about this new feature…