New Friends?

I’ve been off wattpad for a while now and all my old friends no longer use their accounts, I’m looking for some cool new people to chat to and I’m sure there are others out there doing the same :blush: Please, come in and say hi, lets get to know one another :slight_smile:


Hey! I have the same exact problem. I stopped writing when I started uni, and took all my stories off wattpad because 2016 was an embarrassing year lol. But I’d love to get new friends here again, since I have lost all the people I used to talk to yeeears ago.

Also this new wattpad is so confusing.

But it’s summer now and I got the writing urges, so I started writing a new story based on a nightmare I had and it’s so much fun.


Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m reasonably new to Wattpad so have yet to make any real connections, but am looking to. I’m also getting back into writing after injuring my arm last year and it’s only been recently I’ve been able to spend little bits of time at the computer.


Hey that’s great, I’m glad your arm is getting better! And I’ll be your friend! :wave::v:

Yeah thanks… I’ve just got to force myself to work for short intervals or my physio will kill me if I overdo it with the typing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been going on the french thread. I’ve had to go and get the french dictionary now and again, but it’s nice that I can still remember some french that I studied at school. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t written in a long time either, it’s been fun getting back into it. I agree this new wattpad is super confusing! I’m used to the 2012-2015 versions.

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How’s everyone doing? What kind of genre do you all read/write? I’m into fantasy, horror, sci-fi and mystery/adventure :smile:


YUUPP riiighht!!? In 2016 it was still somehow cohesive and worked kinda well, but now the community is its separate thing? And everything looks different? And new crazy rules? I’ve been trying to figure this out all noon :laughing:

Accurate! I’ve been navigating it for hours as well, trying to get used to it, trying not to hate it haha :laughing:

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HEY! I’m Twinkle, a 16 yr old vampirish muffin. How r u?

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Hey Twinkle! I’m Mayg, a 19-year-old in a small town with big dreams :blush: I am doing good thanks! How are you?

I’m doing ok. Tired from exams and all that, but it’s summer so it’s getting better.

I write romance usually. I love reading fantasy too, but feel like I don’t have enough time or energy to come up with interesting plots and worlds in an invented world, you know? But romance is technically easier, although I hate it when people say it’s easy.

because I need my romance to be relatable and realistic. Not that insta love cliche stuff you usually find. clears throat nervously realizing that this is wattpad I’m on

eh. But wattpad has some great romance too!! Just not most of it…

I’m a busy girl. I don’t have time for bad stories! :v::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I used to read quite a bit of romance but haven’t in a long time, mainly just a fantasy person now. I understand what you mean by it’s not easy to write romance, I tried my hand at it a while back but everything just felt so rushed and unrealistic.

I’m trying to find all the good stories I read on my old account and put them in a favourites library, I’ve found about 12 so far, go check them out, if you haven’t read them already that is :laughing:

I’m good too! And yes, I’m a small town girl with big dreams too. What r ur dreams?

Thats good :slight_smile: I really want to become a famous YA fantasy author, how about you? I start university next month, studying creative writing and looking forward to it!

Where are you guys from? :slight_smile:

That’s great! I’m sure you’ll be able to! I have 3 directions I plan on pursuing. Music, writing and tech entrepreneurship.

Ooh nice! I’m sure whatever you choose to do you will do well!

I actually want to do all three :sweat_smile: I know it’ll be hard but I’m willing…