New here crew


Also all kinds lol general fiction, poetry, fantasy, memoir style stuff, mystery, horror. Whatever I feel like really. lol


I know the feeling, sometimes I write whatever too.


It definitely depends on the day sometimes. Most times I’m obsessing over whatever novel I am currently working on. Sometimes I feel poetic. Other times I just need to vent. lol


Hi Everyone, It’s been quite long since I was active!! I am back again to the normal routine. How’s you all?


I also managed to post 12th chapter of my short story collection. I am feeling wonderful writing after so long.


Hi Everyone,

I joined just over a month ago in the hopes of meeting new people and finally letting go of my anxieties and letting people read some of my work.

This community thing is still mind-boggling to me… :joy:


Thanks for the advice, I think it’s important to stay true to your roots and be kind.


Welcome back!!! Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy writing, working and so on. How have you been??


Welcome! How are you finding things? Let us know if you need help with anything. This community thing can definitely be baffling! What kind of stuff do you write?


I write O.C and iv recently done a Gravity Falls Fan Fic!! i do short storys so no more than up to 20 pages…


Hi Hi, I write O.C’s and Fan Fiction, Iv got a Maximum Ride Fan Fic called ‘The Short Life Of The Immortal Firefly’ and a Gravity Falls Fan Fic called ‘Start Again’ ft. a Human Bill Cipher. but i write about kids with powers and stuff mostly short stories, I do hope you can check me out!!!


That’s really cool! I will definitely try to check you out. My reading list is forever growing lol


hello <3 i got wattpad like 3 days ago, so i guess i am new here?


Welcome!! How are you liking it so far? I’ve had an account for a few years, but only became active over this past summer.


i love it <3


I’m glad to hear that!


Question: how do we use wattpadd community on the phone? Like where is it? How do we navigate to it?


I am not 100 per cent sure, honestly. I have never used it on my phone.


OK, thx dho <3