New Look??



What does everyone think of Wattpad’s new facelift?

(If you haven’t gotten the update yet you may not be aware of the new look, but if you have, I’d love to hear thoughts!)

I myself haven’t been on the website yet, but I know the app looks really cool. Not sure how I feel about bright orange following buttons, though. The blue looked better. I’m loving the white background on everything, though!

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I actually love it. I already have my book reading set in light mode and I didn’t like when the chapter contents bar was dark. I hate dark themes. Now it’s really nice on my eyes.


Agreed! It’s a really clean and neat look too! The orange is a little more aggressive than before, but it doesn’t actually bother me that much.


Exactly. I feel it also matches the wattpad color theme better too.


Yeah, honestly it does.


I love the new logo! It’s so cute and clean. Also the new tagline/catchphrase/motto??? is so good. “Where Stories Live” is adorable and I love it.


The logo looks like a fast-food one. Not personally a fan of that. The old one looked like a lot more work was put into it. I like the app design though. Seems more clearcut.


Awww, that’s a beautiful tagline! I hadn’t seen that yet. I do love the new logo, it looks so simple and professional. I got a little sentimental and screen-shotted my home screen so I could have the old one forever…but I really love the new one.


I haven’t seen the completed new look yet only a few changes here and there like the white sidebar/chapter menu and I agree the white on there looks much cleaner and friendlier.
I also really like the new logo.


I can’t wait for the update to hit my phone too :joy: But from screenshots and just Wattpad’s new look on twitter, I’m very excited about it!


Awww, do you not have it yet???


No, I don’t think it has come to android yet. I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, but still looks the same.


I think I mentioned it somewhere else yesterday, but the staff recently revealed that the old logo was just a lowercase letter ‘m’ that one of the founders turned around to creare the logo.


That’s strange. I’ve gotten the new update on my app and I use android.


Oh, I’m not really commenting on the time spend on either one, just from what it looks like :stuck_out_tongue:


Miight be a regional thing maybe? I’m over in the UK so it might take a while or something? :joy:

or maybe Wattpad hates me, woe is me.


This new tagline is because they can no longer claim all their stories are for free


:joy: Maybe. I’m in the US so I’m closer to Canada. I don’t know how this works.


Their old one was “Stories You’ll Love”

Don’t see how that has anything to do with stuff being free :woman_shrugging:


The old one is “Read and write stories - for free!”