New Look??



Snail mail? :snail: :joy:




It’s totally okay^^

I just always felt the old one looked a little boxy and static, so I like that the new one has curves and simulates movement. And I think the handwritten look goes hand in hand with it being a page for writing.


Hehe XD


I haven’t gotten it on android yet either. Haven’t seen any screenshots either yet - where did you see those?


Ooh, I manually updated the app just to see this, and I’ve never done that before. It’s gonna take some time to get used to it, but got to say, so far I’m liking it very much :slightly_smiling_face:


It wasn’t though.



They’re on the Wattpad app in the playstore - they have pictures there and it has changed logo too. So it’s a little odd :thinking:


This is how it looks in the beta app


They said it would be rolled out everywhere throughout the week. My app hasn’t updated yet either, maybe it depends on the device? :thinking:


“Log in to read stories and write - for free!”


I’ll bet they’re doing it regionally.


That could be true too. Just in case, I do have android and it’s a Samsung Galaxy. I also live in the USA. Just for anyone trying to get answers.


Lol what.


Yeah the Dutch translations has some issues


I think that’s something else than their official tagline. Like a small description or something?

As far as I know their official tagline or motto or whatever has always been “Stories You’ll Love” - no mention of free or anything :joy:


You’d think they’d put their tag line on the one place you can properly display it on the app

Also, charge your phone


But it’s curious why it says something else under google searches.

Yes yes, I know. I’m charging it now. :iphone:


It also says it on the page on chrome (Wattpad - Stories You’ll Love), but why wouldn’t they then put it on the app? Why would they put that they’re free (coughPARTIALLYcough) instead?


it probably predates Next.