New Look??



It most definitely predates Next. My Wattpad build is from 2016. I still have all the old features - even the old rank system


Old rank system you said???

I’ve heard of others having that too. I’m very jealous.

Anyways, the new tagline is cute. Makes Wattpad sound like a little house where stories live.


Hah, yes! I once saw my own story rank in there one time. It was great.

I may be biased as all my friends are turning my back on Wattpad and leaving because of how toxic it is and all the shady things they’re doing now


The rollout hasn’t hit the web yet, at least not for me, so I haven’t actually gotten to see it in action yet. There’s a few things I’m on the fence about but I want to see them truly in action before I judge.


I’ve never seen mine. #MatureProblems :’)

That’s too bad :confused: Don’t know what else to say. I mean, my experience is very different, but I can’t discredit others’ either. If they don’t feel comfortable here anymore, that’s a damn shame.


It was a much needed update and I really like it. It looks fresh and clean.


I have an iPhone and I’m also in the US.


Maybe they forgot one?


Awww, I’ve seen my mature story in the rankings but only smaller ones.


We were talking about the old ranking system. Back then mature rated stories couldn’t rank.

Now they can though :smile:


Ohhhh, I missed that bit. That’s so sad :cry:


It was honestly also kind of freeing? That was one less thing to worry about. I kind of liked it.


I don’t like the deep orange. It feels harsh on my eyes.


I had that initial reaction but it’s growing on me. The only place I strongly dislike it is for the follow button.


XD though I like the turquoise colour in the threads. I wouldn’t mind that blue.

Hmm, fair enough. It’s just feels so contrasty for me.


Agreed! The thread turquoise is pretty :slight_smile:


They’re definitely changing the heavy “free” branding because of Next.


Which makes sense :joy: Especially if they intend to open up the programme even more, than just the next expansion. Like having an application for it or something along those lines.


Yeah because they can say “for free” without adding an asterisk *exceptig Next stories and it would be hard to put “come read most stories for free!” That doesn’t seem professional.


Technically we can write for free, but not read for free. Not all stories are free to read but all stories we want to write (our own) would be free. Although I’m not sure how they would say that anyway… Is wattoad mainly a writing or reading site? I think the majority are readers.