New Look??





I hate this. I hate it. It’s not right. This is the only thing I hate.


XD You didn’t see the new icon?


No, I didn’t know they changed it. It just now changed. It was the old one before.


XDDD I saw it in the update dock in the Itunes Store.


The wattpad app can be slow to update for me sometimes…


Oh, thats the new icon? Jesus, that looks awful. What the hell?


Makes sense.


It’s definitely a deeper orange, but I like the simplicity of it.


It’s SO UGLY. :sob: I hate the new orange color. I liked the prettier medium orange. This scarlet orange is UGLY.


It looks bright red. That specific shade of orange they were using before was a crucial part of Wattpad’s branding. And I loathe the font they used for that w - I mean, jesus, I can’t even tell it’s Wattpad anymore. The other one looked so unique.

Deffo going to try to disable updates before it comes to my phone.



Just… Look at it. Look at the W in my notifications bar. It’s not normal. It’s like a whole brand new app!


To be fair, as someone said earlier, the old W wasn’t a W…it was an upside down M…


I don’t even know if I’ll be able to distinguish it from my other apps when I get notifs.


But it looked so unique… It was wattpads look.


I can. It’s still pretty striking.


But it actually looked cool and unique and didn’t look like they made it in MS Paint by slapping a comic sans W on a blank red background.


Yeah, I was a little sad to see it go…I saved a screenshot to keep…


Anywho, I gotta edit. (On wattoad… With new looks. Oh boy.) And this forum is having issues. The calibration is off constantly and I cannot deal with it.


Glitchpad has struck…it always does.


I’m not particularly fond of the new logo but I like the new design in the app!