New Look??



So apparently it was slow coming to my phone - its about to set to update but hasn’t yet…



I need to find a way to disable updates cause I can’t work with that updated logo on my home screen.


My update history says it has updated but I’m still running the old version :joy: what the hell


I really dislike the new logo and miss the logos for each genre. They all look the same now compared to the old ones where you could tell what each genre was.


Yep, it’s something the Engagement Team has brought up, the individuality of the profiles is lacking a little. I hope they’ll allow us to be a little more creative with the designs again (I was planning a revamp on one profile and now I can’t do it the way I was originally picturing it)


It’s lacking a lot. Like someone mentioned, they look like fast food logos. :confused: I could handle the main logo looking like that, but not the genre ones.


Yeah, iI err…don’t have it either…


Damn. ):< Discrimination I tell ya!

Kidding. We’ll probably get it soon.


They are. I won’t be surprised if it only affects the ones using the coins etc. Makes sense to use those servers as a testing ground


I finally got it :sunglasses:


Yeah, HQ wants more uniformity. I hope we can find a balance.


I’ve only seen the logo since I’ve been really busy, but I think the design is a very poor attempt (however it definitely targets their main readership for YA/NA, so that’ll be what they want).

One thing to note is someone pointed out to me that Wattpad’s new logo looks like similar to Wildcraft’s logo, except it’s more ‘clean.’

It makes me wonder if there was any research into the conceptual designs before the developmental stage?

Guess we have to see what happens? :man_shrugging:


Dead at Wattpad’s twitter rn.





they’re responding to every meme, why, why are they doing that

Fellow Undiscovered Writers 10

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: That made my day.

Maybe they don’t want a backlash of miscommunication like last time?


“Truth: we don’t love yours.” Holy… zero chill.


Also every review in the play store is now complaining about the logo.

Also wattpad on their twitter says they can’t undo it because they’re doing it to clean up “product design debt and tech debt” … :eyes:


I love how that has almost 600 more likes than Wattpad’s tweet.



… The new YouTube.

Both don’t care about Undiscovered creators.


Lol. I’m just giving them a difficult time. Undiscovered writers needs to understand it takes a lot of work and self promoting to get discovered.


Love the new logo and the tagline Where stories live is class :slight_smile:

The change is hard…and inevitable tweet reminds me of the quote by Robin Sharma-
Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.


Debt?? What.


YouTube is infinitely worse when it comes to undiscovered creators.