New Look??



Don’t like the change especially when on published books for example there’s a Wattpad symbol. But it’s the old Wattpad. All the merch I got from Wattpad is the old symbol, it’s iconic.

I get why they did it but I wish they didn’t


Hi everyone - Thanks so much for your comments. I’m Emma, the Head of Marketing at Wattpad (and yes, the one behind the Twitter replies!).

To clear up a couple of things here:

  • If you’d love to learn more about our journey to this evolved brand, you can find more details on our new Brand Hub.
  • Our old tagline was “Stories You’ll Love.” There have been - and are - instances of different copy lines in various areas of the product but that was the official tagline.
  • The site title in Google and site design hasn’t been updated, as we haven’t yet launch the new web experience. This will be happening in a few weeks.
  • Yes, there was lots of research in the conceptual design stage! We did research in five different countries to make sure our logo and proposed visual identity didn’t mean something completely different in various markets.
  • We’re excited to continue rolling out the look & feel of the new brand and showing you more breadth as it comes to life across product and marketing communications.

Thanks for all your feedback – both positive and constructive.


Yay! (I might have checked this morning and didn’t see the difference…wasn’t sure if this was gonna be updated but I kinda assumed so…)


That’s always a good thing. I think most people aren’t a fan of the new orange, which I don’t blame them. It’s a little stark after years of the light orange. I like it, personally, thought it is taking some getting used to :sweat_smile:


For me, it’s a bit too white but maybe that’s because I was so used to the old look. Change is something that is hard to adapt to, but necessary.

Although I am wondering why Wattpad decided to re-brand? Usually it’s done for companies that aren’t doing well or they really want to switch up their values and what their company stands for… (simply curious as a business student)

I do like the addition of the new colours and the other pages about wattpad look very sleek and nice.


I think (I could be wrong) some of it is in light of Next and the New Publishing division, and just to spice things up. It’s been a while since Wattpad r-ebranded I’m sure, so sometimes a change is nice.


Did you end up getting the update? Im in canada and mine changed.


Overall I like the new look of the app. I’m still unsure of the bold orange they’re using. It’s pretty harsh. The new logo it’s a 50/50 feeling for me. I like change but a part of me will forever be sentimental with the old logo. But every time I look up at my calendar I’ll have the old logo looking back at me. :heart:


I did get the update.


It was time! We have had the same brand for 13 years. That’s a long time. And our old brand platform, under the tagline “Stories you’ll love”, didn’t really convey what Wattpad has grown to over the years and what sets Wattpad apart: Our community.

Our community is at the heart of Wattpad. We needed something that really brought the breadth of stories we have, our amazing community, and an updated look to life.

Our new brand and the visual identity conveys that Wattpad can be a portal through which to explore new worlds, original stories, and our diverse community.




No wonder it looks so much like a fast food logo, it’s literally just a color inverted Wendy’s W lmao.

I mean, not to say it didn’t look like a fast food logo before…


13 years?! Then yeah, I agree it was time for an update.


Ivan just voted! :scream: And I love the new logo and colors but the header is bland. Still, I can wait as it’s a start :smiley: But my god, the ambs profile and every social media :woman_facepalming:


I’m still getting used to the new logo, but I love the new color scheme. That orange!!! swoons


LMAO. I feel bad for laughing.

But honestly though, it’s just a logo change. Why are people freaking out.


The word ‘change’ gives fear but I think the issue some people has is the brightness :thinking:

I don’t mind the logo and colors so not really understand either. :woman_shrugging:


I’m a bit so so with the new look. I like the change and some of the new features, but I would have kept the logo. Other than that, it’s nice for change now and then.


I think it’s because the new logo looks so generic. Honestly, I would have thought the logo was for a new fast food restaurant instead of Wattpad. I do agree that it was time for a change though.


It’s new and it’s different. Therefore we should hate it.


That’s usually how it goes. Something changes on Wattpad and people will freak out over it. I’ve done my fair share of freak outs over the smallest change. Then after I calm doen I usually feel a little silly :joy_cat:

All things considered this is so far a very tame freak out compared to other changes Wattpad has done over the years.