New Look??



I think it’s just a big change for people and it feels jarring, so they freak out. Over time, they’ll get used to it. The eagle-eyed (or people, who like to snoop around in general), might’ve already spotted the new design on the career or business pages months ago, so they knew there would be a change.


I’m iffy on the “Hero Orange” – but to be fair, I didn’t like the old orange either and yet its vibrancy is all part of the image.

But I absolutely love love love the new tagline and all the themes behind the new brand. Moving forward and a community of creators-- this is a very exciting time to have discovered Wattpad!


Can we please get a night mode on the app? My eyeballs are burning after using other apps.


That’s only for when you’re reading books. Not the rest of the app.


Gonna ask this. 1. Have you guys tried lowering the brightness on your device and 2. Have you tried finding a app the dims the screen or colors? I just need to know if people have tried or not :thinking:


If I dim the device, it makes 99% of my apps too dark. The issue is that compared to other apps on my phone it’s hard on my eyes (ever since the update). But it’s not a brightness problem so much as an overabundance of white. There’s too much. It drains power and is difficult to look at. Less white and/or muted colours would help. =/

Now I don’t have an issue with “hero orange”, but on top of this much white it’s really painful.


I like the new look, it would cool to have an optional dark mode on the app UI (correct me if im wrong) but it actually looks very clean. People just accept change this is not the hill you actually want to die on. Lets also remember how hard coding the website is and the amount of work real people put into this only to have a crowd of people have a hissyfit. Yes voice your views always but lets also have some objectivity here.