New Naruto Fanfiction Writers?

Hey everyone! Is anyone writing a Naruto fanfiction out there? Has anyone read any recent ones yet or are currently writing one?

I feel like there aren’t many topics on it here which surprised since, on Wattpad, I have seen many fanfictions of Naruto :slight_smile:


I don’t know what Naruto is :see_no_evil:

However, I am doing my very first fanfiction based on Disney Princess therory’s… I just wish that more people would help me out as I am new to fanfiction writing and I wanted this to be a thing for people to be a part of

Yes! Well, you know me but still, for everyone out there I am currently making Naruto FanFiction. If you like Naruto FanFiction you should definitely check @SooMinGi work. Is really good! Hope you all have a nice day!!


Awwww thank! I don{t think mine was that good! :sweat_smile: :blush:

Oh cool! Sorry for the late response! Is it for all Disney princesses?

It will be eventually…

I take pride in knowing who is connected to who, and how I should write it.

Oh, I see! That sounds cool good luck! :blush:

I wrote 2 naruto fanfic hahahha


I’m new to Wattpad and I just got inspired to make a Naruto fanfiction :slightly_smiling_face:
It would be really cool if y’all could check it out @SooMinGi your Blazing Empress Story sounds really interesting.

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Hiiii I don’t know what type of Naruto fan fiction you’re looking for, but I am writing one about Sasuke and Sakura journey and what they find about Kaguya and all of this. So the centre of the story is the blank time period we have up until boruto. @MlanieChiriacescu it’s called: Redemption

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Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your time here! That’s awesome I will definitely give your fanfic a read soon! and thanks hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community! That’s cool, your story sounds interesting! I will give it a read! :slight_smile:

Hello. Good to know there is a group here for Naruto fanfiction writers. It’s really strange that there aren’t more threads like this. I am also a Naruto fanfic writer. Currently writing about a Sasuke x OC Fanfic called Until There Was You. It has a blend of romance, fantasy, and adventure to it. So happy to see that I am not so alone in that. There really are a lot of Naruto fanfics but I don’t get to talk to other Naruto Authors. :heart:

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That sounds like a really cool story! Yeah I was surprised to that I did not find any threads on the subject! So, I thought it would be a good idea to see what other people have come up with! XD

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Thanks. Glad you had this thread so we all can get to talk about our stories.

How many chapters do you have so far? I am only at around 7 for now.

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OMG there are others of you here?? I’ve been dabbling in Naruto fanfic for years on end now, but haven’t posted or made it aware to anyone because I didn’t think anyone out there would be interested. I was wanting to write one or two soon, so maybe this will be my motivation to actually write them

Glad to meet you!


About 25 Chapters all in all if you take out the character sheets. What POV are you using?

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Ayyy, another Haikyuu!! fan :slight_smile:

Heyyyy, Im sad from the anime hiatus