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Hey, how are you? :crescent_moon:
I need new stories to read! So, I love reading (English & German), sadly, I can’t find any good stories anymore (I don’t have the time right now to search for good ones, too) which is why I thought you could use this as a little self-advertisement.
If you want to I can even try and give you feedback, discovering different styles of writing and completely different storylines is quite interesting but creating them is not always the easiest thing to do, I’ve been writing for a few years now, so maybe it’ll help you : )
I’m open to every genre, specifically, when there is romance in it.
I haven’t read a lot of science fiction and such but I’m open to it! :star2:

Please leave below:

  • The name of your story
  • The genre of your story
  • A short description/summary
  • Your book cover
  • Please, please, please a link to it, it taks way to long to search for them.

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Shadow murderer/What goes around comes around.
What separates dusk from dawn?
In the summer of 2014, Aaron Heno was tried and convicted of manslaughter. He spent years in Manor house prison, impatiently biding time until his parole hearing. After two years of hell, he was given back his freedom.
As fourteen year old Aaron tries to adjust to life on the other side, several murders are committed around the time of his release. Police immediately assume he is involved, they think that he is the missing piece of the puzzle they’ve been searching for.
Aaron is the prime suspect, yet again, of the grisly string of murders, but did he do it? Will evidence of his guilt be found, or will the police blame him regardless?

In 1995, two families crossed paths. The biggest and most feared criminal family in America and the most troublesome family in England. War was declared, but never fought.
Present day, 2015. One year after The Shadow killed eleven people, life seems to have got back on track…Or has it?
Murders are being committed and the police are baffled. One word is being engraved into every wall and tree, Nightstalker.
On top of all that…The Heno’s haven’t forgotten.
shadow murderer

what goes around comes around


Sounds really interesting :3 I’ll definetly give it a try. :crescent_moon:

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title: The Agreement
Adella Samson, spunky werewolf who is a combat trainer by day, and a total party girl by night. She has eyed every man that appealed to her tastes. Now her eyes is set on the Mister Eye Candy.

Giovanni Esposito is the heir to his family company. Before he can be accepted as a candidate to his inheritance, he must get married. There’s only problem; he declared to heaven that he could never fall in love again.

Aphrodite, the rumoured moon goddess, has other plans for the two.



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Title: Culinary Confessions

Genre: A combination of chicklit and new adult with a sprinkle of romance :wink:

Synopsis: When Maddie’s childhood friend and next-door neighbor, Justin, decides to help her make a wedding cake for his aunt, she thinks she finally has a shot at getting business for her bakery. But with the wedding getting closer and the pressure for perfection ever mounting, Maddie will soon have to choose what’s most important to her: following her heart or her dreams, especially when romance is involved.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/48651220-culinary-confessions


It’s the first thread I’ve ever posted and I didn’t find that category :3


Title: Scars of Youth: A Love Story
Genre: YA/NA romance, coming of age
Description: Two American teens who grew up in Saudi Arabia meet each other at a boarding school in Switzerland, and fall for each other. The story follows them through their one year at school together, from when they meet and fall for each other, when they are together, and when a betrayal tears them apart. When it seems like their love will last forever, life tears them apart, and they leave each other’s lives. Seven years later, they have a chance reunion, and the girl wonders if she’ll be able to get back the love she threw away.
It’s an epic love story at 160K words and 60 chapters long. Read only if you’re in it for the long haul :smiley:
Cover: Ignore the “book one” bit. This used to be two books, but now is one. I’m waiting on a new cover.

oops, forgot the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/208823558-scars-of-youth-a-love-story


Really cool! Definetly take a look at it!


Hope you enjoy reading my story! :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: How kind of you to allow us to advertise for free! I have a Mature Romance/Suspense if you are interested!
The Art of Her

I have every intention of sleep. Fatigue slowly engulfs me, yet, as I close my eyes, all I can see is the man from the bar. Liam. Who was he? I see his dark eyes stare into mine. I imagine his lips parted slightly as he leans into me. His rough hands exploring the curvature of my body; mine roaming over the dark images that permeate his. I fall asleep somewhere in the realm of my fantasy as his strong grasp holds me and his mouth follows through with what his lips started.

Charlotte wants nothing more than to graduate from college and begin a successful career in the field of Art History. With her experience working with Professor Daniel Greyston and the Prestigious Boston Museum, she believes that her prospects look good. But after meeting Liam, a seductive and mysterious man, everything changes. Jealously fuels the fire between Professor Greyston and Liam as Charlotte is thrown into the world of Black Market Antiquities, crime and dangerous passion.

This content is rated Mature. It contains sexual scenes, vulgar wording and adult situations.
I hope you like it! :heart:


Hello there! :wave: I’m doing good right now.

This story isn’t as new, but is less than 6 months. It’s less than 200 reads though, so I hope that sounds as Unknown. It’s a fairytale retelling of Rapunzel, but darker. It does involve romance.

The genre is fantasy. If this sounds interesting at all, the ad is clickable. Thank you.



Link: https://www.wattpad.com/760228533-crimson-blaze-redemption-chapter-1
Genre: Romance in a fantasy setting. MxM.
Description: The work of a vampire hunter is simple: find the target and take its head back to the boss. Black and white, yes? Maybe not.

Adonai has been a hunter for a long time, and he’s set in his views about the monsters he eliminates. So when one actually saves his neck and only asks for a favor before agreeing to be killed, it throws everything the hunter believed completely out of whack. Given some time, this vampire may change his mind - on a lot of things.


Hey, I have a few stories that I’m that has been recently published (and more on my account if you like my style of writing).

Genre: Science Fiction - Romance
Alexis Hart learns about a new app that promised to find her soulmate. The only rules: that they must first get to each other in Virtual Reality before they meet each other in public. What Alexis wasn’t expecting was for the app to tell her that her soulmate would be the ex that broke her heart.

Alexis must decide between getting revenge on her ex or moving forward and giving her heart to him once again.

Genre: Fantasy

Elaine had once defied the Greek Gods in a past life and it wasn’t until a near-fatal car crash that she remembered this life, but most importantly, remembered that she had challenged Aphrodite in a declaration that she would never fall in love again.

  • Sanctuary
  • Fantasy
  • A world of the supernatural unseen by modern human. But that world need policing. That’s where the Shapers come in, a race of all female peacekeeper.
  • Your book coverimage
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I’ve got three. I’ll start with: Inflexible which is inspired by the Three Fates (The Moirai). It’s complete. Hope you stop by and enjoy!


Summary: Book 1 of the Fated Four Series
Inspired by the Three Fates (the Moirai) of Greek Mythology

“Death affects everyone…especially the Inflexible.”


Four children, beloved by their Mother, descended from the heavens and mingled among humans. Growing fond of them, they pleaded with their Mother to let them stay. She agreed and her daughter grew jealous. Consumed by hatred, she descended from the heavens and vowed to destroy everything her siblings held dear.


Clarissa North is just a girl from Moonshell looking for answers about her birth parents. But when she goes to the lake house to find said answers, she finds herself seeing ghosts and dead souls. Confused and angry, she returns to the lake house and demands answers from the brothers that live there. And unfortunately for Clarissa, the answers drag her into a dangerous situation. Is she ready to discover who she truly is? And more importantly, who she is destined to become?


Arrow Mortane is the oldest of the four Mortane brothers. He and his brothers aren’t exactly human and they were sent to Moonshell in hopes of finding their sister and stop her before she causes more chaos in the human world. No such luck. And because of his abilities and the curse placed upon him, Arrow finds himself experiencing a lot of pain. Can anyone ease his pain and break his curse?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/208938428-inflexible

Rated mature due to sexual content (half a chapter) and themes of violence. I don’t think the violence is that bad, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

The next one is the first book of my series (The Eternal Bonds Series).

It’s a recently completed romance with supernatural and fantasy elements. Also, it’s inspired by Hades and Persephone. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to stop by and drop some comments in the story and let me know your thoughts!

Edit: New cover

Title: Blood of Darkness
Genre: Romance
Completed: Yes

Summary: Book 1 of the Eternal Bonds Series
Inspired by Hades and Persephone

“Sometimes death isn’t the end. Sometimes people come back.”


Selena Silvers is an ordinary girl who loves to paint. She goes to school and works at a bookshop in Blackfell. Pretty ordinary. Except for two tiny details. One, she has an extraordinary ability to feel the emotions of those around her. Two, almost every night when she closes her eyes, she sees a gorgeous man with hair as black as night and eyes as gray as the sea after a storm. The problem is that she has no idea who he is or even if he’s real. Will she ever find out? And what other secrets are hiding in the darkness of the night?


Damien Drake is the eldest of the six Drake siblings and is forced to take the throne after his Father is murdered. Oh and the fun part? He’s a vampire surrounded by all the darkness that comes with being one. Dealing with loss has never been Damien’s strong suit and he’s gotten to a point where he forces himself to bury all of his emotions deep down and builds his walls up so high. Will his siblings or anyone else be able to reach him? And will he ever defeat the person responsible for his Father’s death?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/191987540-blood-of-darkness

Rated mature due to possible graphic content (it’s due to some violent scenes, I don’t think they’re that graphic, but I’d rather be safe than sorry)

Also Book 2 of this series is currently out and is complete, it’s called Soul of Shadows, but be sure to read Blood of Darkness first!

Book 3 of the series is also out and is also complete, it’s called Heart of Radiance, but be sure to read Blood of Darkness and Soul of Shadows before checking out Heart of Radiance!


The third one I’ll share is Crepuscule, which is inspired by Thanatos. It’s a dark supernatural (ish) romance and there’s a lot of mythical easter eggs as well. It’s complete as well. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to stop by and drop some comments with your thoughts!


Summary: Book 1 of the Gates of the Underworld Series
Inspired by Thanatos

“The future is subjective…and while you can change it, that doesn’t make it any less scary.”


Chloe Callahan is just a girl living in Angelwood with a big secret. She’s a Clairvoyant. She can see the future of those around her. But being a Clairvoyant is what eventually gets her into trouble as soon Chloe finds herself running for her life as something dark and evil chases her down. Will she ever make it to safety? And what’s chasing her and why?


Sebastian Stryker is a Reaper. A being responsible for sending souls to the afterlife. Sebastian has seen so much death and its started to take a toll on him. His brother and sister have tried to ease his pain, but they can’t do much since they’re experiencing the same thing he is. Is there anyone out there that can bring some light back to Sebastian’s dark world?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/204568835-crepuscule

Rated mature due to themes of death and violence (I don’t think it’s that bad, but I’d rather be safe than sorry).


Name Of Story: The Thousand Words We Spoke

Genre: Romance


In the eighteen years she’d been alive, Adam Whitman had taken a thousand photos of Mia Holloway. From the day she was born until the day he left town. And while he was away for five years, he wrote her a thousand words scattered across postcards. It seemed like forever since he’d seen her and upon his return, those five years turned her into a woman; a sight he cannot seem to ignore despite his best efforts. Mia has loved Adam all her life and has been in love with him ever since she understood what it truly meant. His time away never erased her feelings for him and now that he’s returned and no longer treating her like the child she was when he left, they’re only growing stronger. Everything in standing in their way, including the eighteen years between them as well as his self-control. When Mia finally surrenders to the fact that she may never have his love in return, she makes a choice to move on. Now it’s Adam’s turn to make a choice and figure out just what he’s willing to lose in order to keep her.




I’ll definitely give it a solid go! Thank you! : )

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Thank you : )