New Wattpad Feature Story Report

What are people’s views of the new “Story Report” feature?

I just logged in and saw it as part of the analytics. Apparently it will give you a report on how good your writing is and how to fix it based on the back end analytics.

It looks like it might be a feature you need to pay for.

Are you in favour of this? What do you think you’d want out of it? Would you get anything out of it at all?

Honestly if the whole thing is locked behind a paywall I’m never going to use it. If it’s the same thing as what they asked feedback on a few months ago I can get most of the information free from Grammarly and ProWritingAid so I’ll continue to do that if/when I need it.

I do love they’re bringing this to wattpad, and support charging for at least some of it, but definitely think it’s a mistake to lock all of it behind a paywall when there’s more established companies giving some of the same information away for free.


Yeah, that is going to be annoying.

I mean, most writers are poor and can’t afford to pay for a feature like that but could really use it.

What’s your experience with things like Grammarly and ProWritingAid? I’ve seen the ads insistently on YouTube and other places and I’ve been hesitant to attempt anything with them.


Grammarly I didn’t really click with so I haven’t used it much myself, but I loved PWA. Used it all the time when I was still considering publishing my books. Even paid to have the Word add on so I could check more words and not have to keep copying and pasting it. It’s absolutely no replacement for a real editor but I still found it to be a big help.

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I’m not sure it will be useful because I’m not sure if the analytics relate to what makes writing good, and the result could be type of blandness with similarities between those who use it.


Aha, solidarity about something. I’m not to keen on it. The payed feature I mean.

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As a marketer, I’m always apprehensive about these kind of tools. Our company allows us access to a pro version of Grammarly, so I did give it a try. For those of you who may not know, the description here aligns rather perfectly with what Grammarly offers in whole. It didn’t work for me.

The problem with this is that such recommendations become generic, and a detriment to writing in the long run. It’s a boon, and a definite must for first-timers and people with a relatively poor grasp over writing mechanics or even the language they wish to communicate to the readers with in the first place.

But once that confidence starts to settle in, you’re better off writing from your heart and soul than anything.

Just my two cents! :slight_smile:


It’s great that they’re at least trying, but as soon as it’s behind a paywall it shows they’re just trying to profit off of folks even more. Especially when it’s available for free elsewhere. Why are they trying to make a “feature” that’s redundant when they could make it free, or make a more important [cough tag rankings cough] feature.


Agreed on all points. I only use Grammarly to point out my mistakes, but even then it’s not the greatest.


They asked feedback on the feature a while ago. Enough people probably said that they would be interested in it, and thus they are doing it. I think it is a cool feature.


So the story report is only for premium users. Am I right?

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It’s knowing how to use a tool. Everything works when you know how to use it based on your own unique circumstance, and of course, the effectiveness varies based on the same.

I’m happy to find someone like-minded here. Cheers to that :slight_smile:

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We don’t actually know yet if it will be premium only or a different subscription or even both where premium gets it unlocked but non-premium could buy it seperate. It just says it’s a paid feature and that’s all we know. It’s also possible they will have a portion unlocked and then most will be behind the pay wall. I’m hoping for the latter.


I’ll just stick to Grammarly. It’s free and good enough for me.


Omg I agree with you!
Grammarly pointed out obvious mistakes, yes.

But actually the best editor is human afterall…sometimes I still published a super awkward sentences even tho I checked it with grammarly before.
It’s good…but still readers are usually my savior… :slight_smile:


Yes you’re right…only for premium users… :smile:

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I just saw it, and it’s currently in Beta Mode. Honestly, I could care less. There’s other editing places and things I can use than the Story Report. And since I write on a mixture between mobile and computer, but mobile for right now, expect me to barely use the thing.

And I barely look at the analytics for my stories, so there’s that too.


Human editor here and I am yet to even try out grammarly. I’m worried about getting too annoyed at a machine not understanding personal style enough XD

Readers are great!


I don’t even write on WP and sometimes I check my interactive map for fun but that’s about it. I look at my analytics when I’m bored lol

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Me neither. I use Google Docs instead and then transfer it onto Wattpad itself.

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