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Hey! :slight_smile:

Hi! I’ve been writing in real life for a while now, but just started posting works on Wattpad :slight_smile: This short story was written for the Planet or Plastic writing competition. It’s about a young scuba diver’s first experience in the ocean!

the male heartbreaker is back new and improved. the story fell apart and wasn’t very well liked. so please read it again and comment and share it. I’m happy to write for active readers.

Hi! I’ve been writing for a while but this is the first work I’ve been posting here. I hope you like it!

The Crumbling Tower


Even an ordinary lady has a past, though other characters may be persuaded otherwise.
Miss Elletra Wilton has gained an increasingly strange hanger-on.

This is a 30,000+ word novella set in late Victorian London, with elements of the paranormal and an LGBTQ romance.
The Crumbling Tower is already fully written and will be updated weekly. You can find it at

I’m new to Wattpad and I’d love some feedback on my writing and storyline :slight_smile:

Pieces of Me is a #youngadult #romance story, all feedback is welcome.

Hi! I’m sort of new. I made my profile a long time ago, but I’ve just started being active, and I just started posting a new story. I’d love for you to check out SEER. I update every Sunday, and I will be posting the entire book.


After accepting a scholarship to a secluded boarding school, a teenage girl starts having strange visual abilities that reveal she’s a Seer, but being able to see a mile away and through walls isn’t exactly a good thing when it also comes with enemies who want to kidnap and dissect seers and allies who want to turn them into weapons.


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Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager

[A novella in progress] Leona is a sixteen year old introverted writer hiding in her world of poetry who’s only friend is a boy she met online. James Greyson is the out going, charming, golden boy who’s family just moved to Tampa FL. He soon questions everything he has with the girl online who he only knows as Valeera, when a girl at his new school captures his mind and soul with her poetry. Ridden with anxiety, Leona decides to keep her identity hidden from the only one who’s understood her. Her plan was working until she starts receiving texts from her father whos in prison for the murder of her mother.

Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager

To Love A Hurricane

A recently dumped, accident-prone photographer is trying to get her mess of a life back on track when she accidentally runs over a mysterious man. In this hilarious, awkward, swoon-filled romance, follow the ridiculous adventure of Myla and her mystery man as the universe forces them together in the most comical way.


She was the synonym of perfection. For a girl like her God probably took his time and decided that this will be identified as one of his greatest gifts. Her dark brown eyes beautiful and deep.

Her face. I could stare at her all-day and never get tired. Her beautiful, oval face and her pink lips. Her perfectly shaped jawline, highlight her dimples anytime she smiled. Her kisses left you yearning for more. Her hugs felt like a breeze they were just slight yet so comforting. After she let go off you after a hug, you crave her warmth all over again.

I was in so deep, I didn’t know I was drowning.

I’m not exaggerating. Neither I’m I lying.

Because I’ve met her

She came to teach me a lesson. After that lesson you was gone like a breeze

I got a story for you!

Her Voicemail (1A)

I’m getting errors entering the link! But anyway please leave a review/comment as well! Thank you -Mia xo

Eleventh Hour

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Hi! I joined Wattpad about 4 months ago. I’ve posted a completed story though and I’d love for you to check it out. It’s called Non-Speaker.


What if you were ‘Nothing’? Well, for Adler, that’s just another ordinary day. Born into the Kingdom of Falconia, Adler was supposed to have the ability to speak to birds. He ought to have been born with it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. To make matters worse, what bird he speaks to determines his rank and profession in his Kingdom. At just three, he is labelled a ‘Non-Speaker’. In other words, nothing.

But Adler isn’t going to accept this lying down. He has a plan to escape, even if it means risking his life on a daily basis to do so. Nothing’s going to stop him from proving he’s just as capable as anyone else. Not his family, not his friends, not his superior officer, not even War.

Yup. It’s just another day.

You can read Non-Speaker at:

Hey. Here’s mine.
Any thoughts woul be appreciated.

With Paris on the brink of social revolution, the world is about to change both for mortals and vampires. The undisputed Queen of the Parisian Underworld, Daniella Delburs, is faced with ghosts from the past who have come to exact their revenge and destroy everything she has built. Forced to lean on unlikely allies, will she be yet another victim of the Revolution, or will she be the one to carry the most heinous of executions?

Hi right back at ya. If you are ever in a mood for a YA Fantasy with a strong female lead, then don’t hesitate to check out my story. It’s a nod to history’s most mystical and famous princess, Anastasia Romanov and is full of Russian folklore elements.


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Captain James Shaw was well loved and well merchant. A merchant who had many secrets which he wished passed onto his daughter, Arya. The one way the captain liked to pass on his ideas was through stories. He told Arya of a grand treasure. A treasure in the form of a jam, now it was not just an old jam. It was a jam that could cure any illness, grant you any wish you had, and it could make you live forever. The downfall was no one knew where it was nor liked the favor all too much. But it jam a treasure worth traveling the world over to find.

Hello, I hope you’ll enjoy my stories!

Book 1 - Latte Love


Matt, he was just a typical college student in his second year, working as a typical barista at a coffee shop near his university . He thought his life was typical, and just like that, he continued living a carefree, peaceful life.

That is, until one day, on a Saturday afternoon, a customer walked in for his cup of latte, and captured Matt’s heart without even knowing.

That was when their story began. Except, Matt had no idea that this particular young man wasn’t just a typical comer of the shop.

Read “Latte Love” here!

Book 2 - A Saturday Night


One man, one woman, they met at a nightclub in the middle of the busy Los Angeles and spent the night together.

That’s all there is to it.

What more do you expect?

Read “A Saturday Night” here!

Thanks for sending me your stories!

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