New Writing Game



Alright, here is the idea of the game (later on I will explain instructions):
To meet fellow writers with the same goal of inspiration.


Write 3-9 words to continue the story that I will start. Do not go off topic and please try and keep it PG(13). Also, make it fun in your own way, and please do not leave words that would not continue this story.

Once a story is finished, or you think it can be finished, then you can put “The End” in the next reply and start your own story. Stories start with 9 letters. Stories must end with 4 letters!

First Game:

Every morning I wake up, I am a different…


Height due to my changeling…


and it is pretty annoying because…


Instead of growing taller , I’m getting shorter.


Today I’m five feet tall, but soon…


Two feet may be my limit…


I worry that someday, I might disappear altogether…


so I am writing this letter now that you…


Can understand my problem so please


Do me a favour, that is…


eat your foot and die because you are


A being that needs to do this to survive,


plus you should not judge people by their looks


Now I must go, for I am barely even two inches now


and make myself some spaghetti


[Wait, what? That doesn’t even make sense.]


(Cos I’m damn hungry)


It’s been hard even making food in my height.


Because I had stupidly built the cupboard above my head


I now use many plates just to make food.