Newbie Here


Hey everyone,

I’m Penance I’ve just joined the forum as I’m wanting to start writing on Wattpad. I haven’t really read anything here yet but look forward to putting a nice little library together of other users stories to read.


Greetings! Dashing in here before I head off for the night, but welcome =) I’m fairly new myself. Joined over the summer and have been learning the ropes as I go. Pop around the forms and make yourself knows. We’re all pretty cool here


Hello and welcome :smile:


Hello! Penance is an interesting name, glad to see a new face around here! I recently joined myself and have found the community very accepting and kind! I hope you enjoy your stay. I’m S-Ingrate and I like to write fantasy and poetry stories :3
I also love cats.


Thank you all for your warm welcomes, I hope to fit in here better than other places I’ve been in apart of.


Hello. Welcome to Wattpad.
Here I got a chocolate for you :chocolate_bar:


Hi! I’m somewhat new here, I joined a while ago but I din’t start writing and using the forums until this past year. I really like Wattpad and I’ve found it to be a great way to improve my writing and get feedback on it. Hopefully you find the same!


Ha, I made an account one a half years ago, but found out about this community only few months before.


Hey there :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums. You can have a look at this page for more information on writing-


Hey, welcome.


Hallu halu !!! (My way of saying Hello2x)

I want to write short stories . I need motivation to finish them :slight_smile:
Have you guys written at least one already?
I haven’t yet


Hi Pen


Will help




Thank you I will check it out.


I haven’t written anything yet in the process though. I have two stories in mind.


I’m new too! But I have succeeded writing one short story :smile: Yeay!


Congratulations on writing a story :slight_smile: