Newbie Here


Hello and welcome to the newbies! This place is great!


@Cal_Wicks Romance I’m think of but not sure really sorry for the late reply.
@spitmoon thank you for the advice

Thanks everyone for the welcomes

@nicolettem64 not well so far


Romance seems to be a very popular genre on here at the moment so good luck!


I just wanted to see if I could meet some nice people since I’m, gasp, new here. I’m Jeenie, a twenty year old loving to write and read everything, but especially sci-fantasy and anything about mythology. Pleased to make your aquaintance


Hi Jeannie, great interest in genres? Are you working on anything at the moment?

Welcome aboard too :grinning:


I saw you mention oldies and had to respond lol. I feel ancient on here sometimes :joy:


Thank you^^ I am working on my first full novel. Everything is set and CampNaNo is just around the corner. I write mostly YA/NA fantasy and sci-fantasy, but I really read everything


For those of us who don’t know what is CampNaNo?

I do like fantasy but not sure I have come across Sci-Fantasy, so that’s exciting


Do you know NaNoWriMo? It’s basically writing a novel, or more precise, 50.000 words in a month (november). Camp is the same but in April and Juli, I think, but with a regulatable word count and the possibility to also write plays, poems, all that awesome stuff. Go look it up,if you like, it’s a great place to meet very sweet people.


That sounds like quite a task but interesting, thanks for the heads up.


It’s fun, it get’s you writing and gives confidence and practice^^


Is it genre specific or can you write anything?


Anything you like.


Can you share the thread?


Look up ^^


Hey, everyone. A newbie here. My name is Mbita and I am looking forward to any random conversations about book genres and make new friends. For me to be here, it’s because I am a big book worm:books::nerd_face:



I’m Haruka.

It’s such an honor to meet you Mbita.

What genres do you read?


Nice meeting you too:blush:
My favorite are action, suspense, romance, fanfiction, history and mystery. But I’m one who loves to read a variety of books.


I read Horror, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action and Fan-Fiction.


I’m also a fan of manga though that was when i was little. I still like it though. Couldn’t help but notice your profile pic.